Mazda And Its New Driving Car

Aug 10, 2016 10:17 AM EDT | Jomar Teves

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Almost a decade and a half years ago, Mazda had introduced their "Zoom Zoom" philosophy, ever since that time, they are thinking thoughtfully on how to give drivers a car that will make them very happy.

They were very serious about it that their punchline in one of their ads is: "At Mazda, we believe if it's no worth driving, it is not worth building."

Mazda really wanted to build a very high-tech, driver-oriented cars and because of this determination they had studied the factors that contribute to good driving dynamics thoroughly. The current perfect driving car of Mazda is called the G-Vectoring Control or the GVC.

For the understanding of everybody about this new technology, the company of Mazda lead the group of people to their Mine Proving Ground track that is located in the Yamaguchi prefecture.

The people who were there was permitted to drove three versions of the Mazda3, those three includes the latest model that do not have GVC, the new model that has GVC and the previous model of Mazda3, they were said to be the control group of this experiment.

The people of Mazda have been working with GVC for almost 8 years already. But, from what the company has stated, the results of the experiments were not quite satisfactory that they could not allow this new technology of theirs to be out in the world.

However, it was known that GVC works when you are increasing the load of the front tires of your car by slightly reducing the torque delivery. This resulted to forward pitch or longitudinal G-force that will help in setting up the car so that it could turn into a corner perfectly.

One can do it even so just by tapping the brakes or letting go of the throttle carefully. But what Mazda wanted is that they wanted the car to do those things automatically.

It is very important to note that Mazda emphasized that GVC is not torque vectoring since it already exists in cars such as Ford and Audi.

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