Not Game with SUVs? Choose the Mazda6 Signature 2019 for Your Ultimate Sedan Choice

Dec 18, 2019 11:33 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Not Game with SUVS? Choose the Mazda6 Signature 2019 for Your Ultimate Sedan Choice
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The Mazda6 Signature 2019 is the premium sedan for your family and it comes with these excellent features. If it had a 4x4, you would get it?

Look towards the Mazda6 Signature 2019, this is one mid-range sedan that has a lot going for it. It is one of these family sedans that gets better every year, this is designed with KODO-luscious appeal. Some of the changes included in the 2019 Mazda6 are the changes to the front of the car, more upgrades to the engine, and added safety trim for a safer car to ride.

Continual bump ups from the last version have made it one of the best family sedans to consider. One good thing about the Mazda6 is the peppy performance expected from a mid-size sedan. To help buyers consider getting this into their garage here are the goodies that it offers up.

G-Vector control and better handling

This 2019, the G-Vector control gets better on this sedan that means better handling and response, compared to huge SUVS that are less nimble. Its engine lessens torque when turning with automatic light braking added to the outer wheels. Keeping the car in a tight turn is easier, but best off all is the car straightened out. Improved G-Vector controls are one of the best reasons to get a Mazda6, if sporty driving is wanted in a family sedan.

Another feature that rocks this sedan into a drivable family steed is the bigger disc brakes on the front and back (12.6-inch, 10.9-inch). A small improvement over the 2018 version, that had smaller disc brakes equipped on it. Though, if the trim is chosen is not a signature, instead of touring and sport trim that will not have the updated disc brakes of the 2019 Mazda6.

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 Powerplant under the hood

 If the wallet allows getting this bang for the buck family sedan, with an upgraded turbo-equipped 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that rocks it for more than boring drives. Output for the engine is 250 hp that is also available in two other higher trim variants. Should there be some budget limitations, all is still good with a 2.5-liter that has 187-hp as output.

 Better safety kit, up the nines

 Competition approved safety trim is crammed into this family steed for peace of mind, with driver-assist features found on expensive luxury cars. Best of all they are standard as demand for safer cars is met. Mazda did not put the stops when they added these features. Most of these features were only on the Sport trim, Mazda made it part of the Mazda6 package this year.

a. Adaptive Cruise

 b. Blind Spot Monitor

 c. Lane Departure Warning

 d. Cross Traffic Alert (rear)

 e. Adaptive Headlights

f. Automated front Brake (Pedestrian detect)

 Other great features included in the 2019 Mazda6. Exterior, Engine Specs, Interior trim

Wrapping up

Sedans have always been the staple of families but made design this car as one of the best family steeds on the market. Packed with all the goods that are not so cheap but worth it. Get a Mazda5 2019 and see why it makes the right choice for families, especially with KODO-luscious appeal.

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