2010-'12 Mazda 6 Recalled Over Fire Risk Linked to Spiders

Apr 04, 2014 03:32 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro


Mazda is recalling its 2010-'12 Mazda 6 sedans with 2.5-liter engines to deal with an issue linked to spiders that could cause a fuel leak and increase the chance of a fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Approximately 42,000 vehicles are involved in the recall. Vehicles were produced from September 14, 2009 through May 2, 2011.

This is the second recall to address spider-related problems with the sedan.

Back in February 2010, the company added a spring to the canister vent line to try preventing spider's from getting in 2009-'10 Mazda 6 vehicles.

The first recall dealt with Yellow Sac spiders, according to the NHTSA.

"In the affected vehicles, spiders may weave a web in the evaporative canister vent hose, blocking it and causing the fuel tank to have an excessive amount of negative pressure," NHTSA said in its summary. "Negative pressure could cause the fuel tank to crack, resulting in a fuel leak, increasing the risk of a fire."

Mazda has yet to say if any accidents or injuries have taken place linked to the issue.

Mazda said to safety regulators that a certain "kind of spider could possibly intrude even with the expanding spring."

"Furthermore, we confirmed that the PCM (powertrain control module) software change to control the tank pressure is effective to avoid the possibility of the tank cracking, even under such a severe condition as the canister vent is clogged by a spider web," Mazda said, according to NHTSA.

Mazda dealers are being instructed to inspect and clean the canister vent line, and reprogram the powertrain control module.

The fuel tank and check valve on the canister vent line will be replaced, free of charge, if a web is found in the line.

The recall is expected to begin later on this month. Owners with more questions can reach Mazda at 1-800-222-5500.

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