These Automotive Trends Will Affect Car-Connectivity and How We View Cars, But Are We Ready?

Dec 21, 2019 02:46 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Drivers are in for a surprise when the cars on the road will become more advanced, and most are not that technology savvy too. Carmakers and startups are even bringing in the person on the street, to help them design cars around people. Instead of people adjusting to the car, tech developed to be useful that the driver and passengers are not even aware of what is happening around everyone.

 All these automotive trends are bringing future-shock that will send changes across the board. All these changes include car-connectivity and how cars interact with everyone and the environment. Already many individuals are feeling the changes heaped on them, this future shock is temporary as it gets normal for everyone.

Getting familiar with the technology designed for all drivers will help everyone identify and cope on an even keel. Car buyers now and in the coming days will a bit of catching up, but this guide should help with it.

 1. Can people reconcile cars that do not need them as drivers?

 Driver-less cars are now in operation, Waymo robo-cars are shuttling people in select places where they are best suited. Waymo has already begun tests to see how it goes before full release all over. One question is whether people can adapt to a driver-less car and feel safe.

 2. Think of "Cortana" in Halo that used AI to run the starship or cars in this case.

 Cars will soon have more than a moody driver behind the wheel, plans integrate an AI to assist is in the works. One thing comes to mind, especially anyone who thinks that the AI does not know better. The purpose of the AI is to guide the driver over the functions and look over his shoulder, will this be welcome though.

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 3. All the Telematics to assess what every driver needs, or a machine overlord deciding everything for people.

 Will it be comfortable for the driver to know that telematics is running and analyzing everything a driver does. This invisible overseer will make a recommendation on how anyone drives, but will this be welcome for anyone behind the wheel.

4. V2V technology is rolling out soon or is here?

 Just like people chatting it up everywhere, soon cars will have vehicle to vehicle (V2V) to communicate within range and exchange information on the road. This will help the driver avoid mishap ahead on the freeway, courtesy of passed info from another car AI.

 5. Advanced sensors and controls that will override the human nut to avoid accidents.

 One of the biggest troubles of any car is the human nut driving, compare this to sensors that are automatic and steer the car from danger makes it better. One question is how much control will the driver have with auto-sensors doing everything.

 6. Total car connectivity to the driving environment will change driving forever, but can people hack it?

When cars are fully attached to a local network and drivers will be at best just passengers, taking over when needed? Will this be acceptable for a greater majority of people, but it has its perks though will it be accepted without reservation.

7. Drive any car with tech that allows anyone to drive a car remotely.

In the works is brain to vehicle (B2V) will allow a driver to control a car remotely, which is the stuff of science fiction. Will this take off or just something that will further compound cars as it is.

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