Dragon Ball Super Episode 88; Piccolo Pushes Gohan To His Limit in Preparation For The Tournament of Power

May 02, 2017 07:30 AM EDT | Hannah Jill


"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 titled Gohan and Piccolo, Student and Master Train to the Limit shows Gohan undergoing a massive special training with Piccolo. Piccolo has always been teaching him ever since. Viewers are aware that Gohan needs to be trained again because he seems to have lost his power and the only way to get back is to train him one-on-one.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 also shows how Gohan expects that it will take too much time for him to defeat his opponent because of this, he asked his Master Uncle to help him recover. He feels like he almost forgotten how to use his gift and needs to learn the basic from the best teacher.

Piccolo fought hard against Gohan. He made sure he use all his skills to assist Gohan in pushing himself to the limit. Gohan tried to fight harder as well but he seemed distracted still.

Piccolo, his master is doing him a favor on helping him to unlock his powerful Ultimate Form with bulked up muscles and eyes that are closed in. Piccolo knows that Gohan can still transform into the other Dragon Ball Z and Battle of the Gods form like Super Saiyan and SS2, only if Gohan can relearn to unlock his potentials. He is also aware that he needs to exercise and gain his old body for him to easily defeat some enemies.

Meanwhile, in the last episode of Dragon Ball Super: Episode 87, Goku asked permission from Android 17 to join his team while he was busy recruiting. At first, Android 17 said "No" but in the turn of events especially after Goku helped Android 17 catch the intergalactic poachers, Android 17 finally said "Yes." It was a sweet catch for Goku.

The team led by Goku will also include Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, Android 17 and 18, Majin Buu and hopefully Piccolo. Whis and Beerus will also supervise the team. Lastly, with only a few hours left will the team still be able to get a few members or will they just help train each other already?

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 gave the audience a preview on how Gohan will fight his opponents as they know he can do so much more. Don't forget to catch Dragon Ball Super: Universal Survival which is on Crunchyroll every Saturday's at 7:15 p.m. CST.

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