'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 87 Recap and Episode 88 Preview: Goku Tournament of Power Team Almost Complete

Apr 24, 2017 08:30 AM EDT | Hannah Jill


Viewers already know that Goku will be able to complete the team of fighters to defend the Universe 7 in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 88. He just needs a few more fighters and train with them soon.

Episode 87 of "Dragon Ball Super," Goku meets with Android 17 to persuade her to join his team. It looks like she hasn't decided yet.

Later on, an unlikely tandem between Android 17 and Goku happened as they defend the animals from being taken by Galactic poachers. Android 17 and Goku used their special powers to save every animal including the Minotaurus.

They were even able to get inside the Galactic Ship. Both are eager to get the Minotaurus back and pledged to do whatever they can to get it back. Asked on why they are getting all the animals, the lead Galactic poacher admitted that they intend to create a serum or a medicine to achieve immortality.

Soon, Android 17 and Goku were able to have the poachers arrested and Android 17 took this as a debt of gratitude to Goku for helping her save the precious animals. In return, she agreed to join the team. This made Goku extremely happy.

Next, on Episode 88 of "Dragon Ball Super," Goku will also ask Piccolo if he will join the Tournament of Power. Here Goku will also learn that master Piccolo will train Gohan. Goku even mentioned in the preview that he trusts no one else but Piccolo to do this. We all know Gohan need this training especially when Gohan found out how powerful their opponents will be.

But Piccolo also needs to come up with a new trick. Fans are eager to know if Piccolo will develop the Red-Eyed Namekian just like in the video games. It gives Piccolo superpowers much like a Super Saiyan.

Stay tuned for more updates on the next Episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" as Goku completes his team for the Tournament of Power. Fans won't miss the chance to watch the Battle as it begins.


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