New Windows 10 Privacy Settings Are Still Not Transparent Enough According to EU Data Protection Authorities

Feb 22, 2017 09:30 AM EST | JP Olvido

Even if Microsoft has presented new Windows 10 privacy settings, data protection authorities in the EU still aren't satisfied. The Article 29 Working Party still wants the Redmond-based tech giant to explain what personal data they actually collect from users and how that data is being used.

New Microsoft Windows 10 privacy settings is still not transparent enough. Despite a photo of new privacy settings for the Microsoft OS being presented, European Union (EU) data protection authority still do not know the full extent of Microsoft's personal user data collection. The Article 29 Working Party, a European collective of data watchdogs, has stated that it wants the tech company to clarify what personal data it is collecting and how it is used especially in advertising.

In a statement to Reuters, the European collective said, "the Working Party remains concerned about the level of protection of users' personal data." They mentioned that the company's new privacy settings are "separate to the results of ongoing inquiries".

The new privacy settings came with a recent Windows 10 update that was announced last January. The updates added new privacy options and removed processes on data collection from the "Basic" security settings option. This means that when users opt for the Basic security setting, information on app installation or usage will no longer be collected and that it will only be providing security and reliability along with basic error reporting.

The changes come following a lawsuit that the FDPIC had filed against Microsoft. The FDPIC, which is Swiss data collection and privacy regulator, has since dropped the lawsuit.

Despite the lawsuit being dropped, the Article 29 Working Party still wants further clarification from the tech giant. The group said that the company should further explain the processing of different kinds of personal data and how what they are intended for. It did, however, acknowledge Microsoft's "willingness to cooperate".

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