‘The Winds Of Winter’ Update: Here’s How You Will Appreciate George R.R. Martin’s Delay

Feb 17, 2017 12:00 AM EST | Gerone Trish

George R.R. Martin's "The Winds of Winter" is one of the most highly anticipated books of all time. Fans have been waiting for six years and are still waiting. A recent interview with fellow authors of GRRM will most likely help us appreciate the long-overdue delay of the book.

In an interview with the Insider, Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson, colleagues and co-authors of George RR Martin in "A World of Ice and Fire," gave out some observations on how GRRM creates his novels. Their insights can give us some light to further understand why the book "The Winds of Winter" is not yet finished since it was started about six years ago.

Linda Antonsson told the publication that GRRM's gardening style of writing is very evident in the way "The Winds of Winter" is slowly progressing. The former describes the latter, "He feels that once he has outlined it, once he has explored all the details of the story, all the beats of the story, he can't go back and revisit it."

Linda Antonsson also added that GRRM will be bored if he will go back and check again his notes on one particularly story for TWoW." The latter's style of writing means that once he is done with a particular story, he is not likely going to revisit and revise as he believes he has already squeezed out all his creative juices to create that particular, excellent story.

GRRM has explained this gardening style of writing in an interview with the Guardian. The author admitted that he is that gardener type of a writer.

According to GRRM, his style of writing is comparative with how a gardener performs his job. The latter digs a hole puts a seed in it and then waters it. The renowned author explained that although the gardener knows what kind of seed he has planted, he has no idea how the seed will blossom. The gardener does not know the details like how many branches will spring up or how it will shape up as it grows.

Meanwhile, in the latest blog of the "ASOIF" author, he gave an update on what he has been busy with the past days. Apparently, he was busy writing a story for his friend Gardner Dozois, Hugo awardee for Best Professional Editor.

In the blog, George RR Martin shared that he wrote a short story in Gardner Dozois' upcoming book "The Sons of the Dragon." "The Winds of Winter" author also emphasized that he only wrote a small part of the book and that he did not do any editing part.

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