Naruto Shippuden Episodes 494, 495 Spoilers: Disaster Comes Prior To Naruto & Hinata’s Wedding? Japan Celebrates Naruto’s Wedding Too!

Feb 16, 2017 05:40 AM EST | Gerone Trish

"Naruto Shippuden" spoilers for episode 494 and 495 reveal some surprises are being prepared for the wedding of Naruto and Hinata. However, things will not be easy as complications will come in the middle of the wedding preparations. In addition, J-World amusement park celebrates the wedding of Naruto in real life too.

"Naruto Shippuden" teaser video for episode 494 reveals Kakashi is busy preparing for the wedding of Naruto and Hinata. Kakashi is shown talking to his friends, requesting them to prepare gifts for the bride and groom.

Kakashi wanted to surprise Naruto and Hinata so he also plans to make the surprise gestures to appear like they are doing something as a mission. He also enjoins his friends to proceed with the surprise.

However, things will not be easy for Naruto and Hinata's wedding preparations. Spoilers say that several obstacles will come their way as the wedding day gets near. Kakashi expects things to get more complicated than how they appear to be.

With regard to episode 495, fans of the anime can witness the wedding of Naruto and Hinata. There is not much details revealed yet for this episode except for the wedding.

Meanwhile, J-World amusement park has announced its plan to celebrate Naruto and Hinata's wedding in real-life. The park has released a poster showing the bride and the groom in a traditional Japanese outfit with their friends.

J-World amusement park dubbed the event as "Naruto Shippuden: A Good Day For A Wedding" festival. The celebration will begin on Feb. 25 and will feature special programs for the public to participate in.

The festival will allow the public to participate in a wedding ceremony. Just like the usual wedding, the park will also feature a festival of food and gifts. Guests can buy food or gifts from the festival too. Guests will have ample time to experience the special event as it is yet to end on April 2, Mobile&Apps reported.

"Naruto Shippuden" episode 494 airs on Thusday, February 16 while episode 495 will air a week after.

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