Michael Schumacher Updates: Secret Trial Linked To The Champ’s Health Is In Process? Former Manager Released Some Statements

Feb 15, 2017 08:30 AM EST | Gerone Trish

F1 champ Michael Schumacher's health condition has been strictly kept confidential to the public. However, new reports have surfaced discussing some updates linked to the racer's health condition.

A new report has surfaced revealing a trial that is currently proceeding that is linked to the health condition of the seven-time F1 champion. Apparently, a judge has just kicked out the public from participating in the trial.

Judge Simone Kafer emphasized that the public is not included in the trial. The judge further noted that the trial entails the health condition of the F1 champ and no public personality is allowed to participate in it.

The Express mentioned that the trial discusses the lawsuit filed by the family of Michael Schumacher against Bunte, a German magazine. Fans can recall that the magazine has made a claim that the F1 champ has a chance to walk again.

Although the claim sounds very positive and encouraging, especially to the millions of F1 fans, the gesture has offended the family of Michael Schumacher. The magazine's report has invaded the privacy of the F1 racer despite the fact that the family has already been expressing its strict demand to keep the health condition of the F1 champ highly confidential.

Back in October, the F1 champ's lawyer Felix Damm denied the claim of Bunte magazine. Felix Damm debunked the claim that Schumacher could walk again. According to the lawyer, his client is still not able to even stand without the help of therapists.

Meanwhile, Will Weber, the former manager of Schumacher, has made a statement regarding the champ's health condition. Las month, Will Weber said that the family of the F1 champ is not revealing the whole truth.

Now, the former manager has released a new statement saying he has been shut out by the new management of Schumacher, as well as his family. The Schumachers and the new management seem to worry that Will Weber would spill some beans about the health condition of the injured racer.

However, the former manager now claims he would never reveal anything about the health condition of Michael Schumacher. He also emphasized that he is even willing to sign any secrecy clause if there is any, DailyStar has noted.

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