Car Insurance Premium And Insurance Plans For Autonomous Cars

Feb 09, 2017 05:00 AM EST | Hannah Jill Jose


The rising costs of car insurance premiums on the regular and autonomous cars will surely make it hard for car users to come up with payments for their coverage. Everybody knows how important it is to have car insurance coverage on their vehicles. No one can tell when unexpected events that may happen when traveling or simply driving to work, school, mall, etc. 

The Guardian reported that the reason behind the continuous increase of car insurance premiums is due to the increase of costs for whiplash style claims, increase in insurance premium tax and the rise in repair costs. ABI or the Association of British Insurers showed that the 2016 average premium rose to 9.3 percent which is very high than the previous year. Aside from that, average repair bills after a crash also increased by almost 32 percent for the past 3 years due to the high cost of spare parts which was brought about by currency fluctuations and the rise in advanced vehicle technology.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transport is planning to have two-in-one insurance plans for autonomous cars for both the driver and the self-driven car according to Telegraph news. This aims to protect motorists and prevent accident victims from being confused on how to claim the driverless mode accident insurance. A number of policies are being prepared as more autonomous cars are manufactured eery year.

More concerns are being seen as the Ministry of Justice might demand more on premiums by cutting discount rates which are a mechanism that is being used by courts to adjust huge compensation payments. Rob Cummings, the assistant director from ABI pointed out that sudden decision concerning the discount rates may result in a more serious crisis. He said that motorists are already carrying the burden because of the risings costs plus other factors like the high car insurance premiums and others.

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