Logitech Zero Touch and Amazon Alexa to Pair Up: Voice Controlled Commands To Control Apps in Car And Even Order Groceries!

Feb 08, 2017 10:39 PM EST | Lasitha

Amazon's Alexa controller can soon be part of your car. This is because the voice assistant from Logitech is set to be integrated into Ford, Hyundai and Volkswagen. This was officially announced the automakers. The Alexa will no longer be limited to a home. What works in a similar fashion is Logitech's aftermarket ZeroTouch.

This is how the voice activated system can be used. The system uses the Bluetooth hardware dock. The phone should be attached to the magnetic dock by sticking a piece of metal to it using an adhesive. The app starts after the phone is attached to the dock. So, it's simple and convenient.

The Logitech Zero Touch gives hands-free experience and can carry out most tasks in a smartphone. It can set a destination or play select music and even send texts. This ensures a smooth drive with the driver not having to operate it. This is now coupled with the support offered by Alexa. Alexa commands will also now control the applications, reported Auto Blog.

The Logitech Zero Touch has some differences from Alexa that was usually, until now, used at home. The Zero Touch has to be activated by either holding or waving the hand in front of the smartphone. It does not have a wave word. Either way, having a system like this setup, the driver can not only have a smooth ride to the destination as the temperature, lights etc of the interiors of the car can be controlled without raising a finger but also order items from Amazon to be delivered home. Now, that is something!

It would be too soon to say that the voice-controlled system just works perfectly. There are issues faced too. To cite one, if the driver wants use navigation and if the system is interacted with, the voice notification of the Google Maps interferes and overrides it. It happens mainly on city roads where there are multiple direction changes. There are other such issues too, reported TechCrunch.

The biggest advantage is that the user can use it on a pre-owned car. The cars with in-built voice controlled systems would be much expensive. Zero Touch solves the issue at just around $80. ($60 for the air vent mount and $80 for the dash mount.)

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