Elon Musk: The Real Truth Behind Tesla Logo

Feb 06, 2017 09:50 AM EST | Hem Cervantes

An automaker's logo represents the company and it helps give a point to identify the cars. It certainly makes a company's logo plan a vital job.

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk finally revealed that the Tesla logo is supposed to mean. The logo was a source of mystery for years, fans had several theories but without any official word, nobody knew what it really means.

According to Musk, Tesla logo similar to the logo for SpaceX, the aerospace company, where the X shows a rocket trajectory while the T hint at one of the most important parts of the vehicle's function. Tesla Motor was named after Nikola Tesla who was a famous inventor and electrical engineer. In spite of modern technologies and innovations, Tesla still has to compete with other brands. That is why it need its own image and logo.

The Tesla Logo is intended to represent the cross-section of an electric motor. The primary body of the T as representing to one of the poles that stick out of an engine's motor with the second line on top representing of the electric motor.

Tesla Car logo is rather simple and at the same time creative. The main goal was to reflect the idea of efficient electricity usage. The badge depicts large letter "T" after the name of the company. It is made in a  stylish and modern manner. It is located above the armor shield which symbolizes high level of reality and safety driving, the company's name is placed on top of letter T.

As indicated by Gizmodo, both logos were composed by RO-Studio, an outline firm situated in New Jersey. Compared with those of SpaceX and Tesla, the logo of Musk's third significant business is generally clear.

Recently, the company authoritatively re-branded and turned out to be essentially known as "Tesla Inc.," as opposed to the previous "Tesla Motors." Last year, it formally obtained the rights to the domain name "Tesla.com" following 10 years of exertion on trying.


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