Autonomous Vehicles Are Getting Even Smarter, Experts Say

Feb 03, 2017 10:11 PM EST | Ileen Jasmine

Autonomous vehicles are getting even smarter. The much awaited self-driving cars are getting good - exceeding the public's expectations.

People have seen it in movies - cars with no drivers, roaming around the street. Plenty of car companies made that possible for the world today.

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles do not only exists in movies. Now, people can even ride them in some states.

In California, the state's DMV has just released its annual slate of "disengagement reports" documents which are provided by the 11 companies that received state permits to test autonomous vehicles towards the end of the year 2015. The results were beyond anything anybody expected.

According to reports, the results reveal fast progress. Humanity is inching closer towards the day when nobody no longer needs to stay behind the wheel. The reports also name Google and General Motors to be the leading class with cars capable of driving hundreds of miles at a time without experiencing any trouble.

However, the other carmakers in the lineup also show impressive output. For instance, Nissan's robocars needed human intervention once in every 247 miles traveled. This is a huge improvement compared to its once every 14 miles record back in 2015.

The reports cover December 2015 (the start of testing) to November 2016. Google's Waymo is now gearing up for commercial applications. The company's autonomous vehicles drove a whopping 636,000 miles with just 124 disengagements.

GM's Cruise, the startup leading the company's autonomous driving ventures, also did all its testing in San Francisco. Cruise's autonomous ramped up from five miles tow 400 in June 2016. According to reports, it was clocking in hundreds of miles without a hitch by late last year.

Delphi, Ford, Audi, Tesla Motors, Bosch, Honda, BMW and other carmakers are also on the autonomous vehicles race. Check out the full report in the image below.

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