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Can Self-Driving Cars Learn to Avoid Erratic Humans?

Can Self-Driving Cars Learn to Avoid Erratic Humans?

Self-driving cars have reached a roadblock and stumped by erratic human drivers. To correct this, there have to be adjustments for improving how they interact. more

 Uber Autonomous Self-Driving Car Fails to Stop and Hits a Pedestrian on the Road

Uber's Self Driving Car Fails and Hits a Pedestrian on the Road

The roads of America are not very safe, proof of that are pedestrian fatalities caused by vehicles on the road! What makes this incident different is that Uber's self-driving car is the culprit. more

Are You Ready for Waymo and its Autonomous cars? Here is everything that you need to know!

Remember all those Robo AI cars in the movies? Guess what they are here now, in a less intelligent form though. Waymo is what the service is called, and it is already rolled out for testing. more

Droids on Four Wheels coming soon with a Recently Developed 5G Communication Module

Droids on Four Wheels coming soon with a Recently Developed 5G Communication Module

Tech giants are racing to get a lead in creating specific hardware for the upcoming 5G internet. The recent development of Qualcomm chips that will integrate 5G into a connected automotive network that will spawn a multitude of apps. Bridging the technology will need an advanced communication module that will help in linking up cloud computing and other relevant tech. One of these firms is LG Innotek that recently introduce their own proprietary 5G communication module that will be installed in vehicles soon. more

Automotive Digital trends that will be in every car starting in 2019

Automotive Digital trends that will be in every car starting in 2019

Believe it or not, connectivity and Automotive Digital trends are inevitable, and cars will be very different, more than ever! All around us, there is a digitally connected environment that will soon be a staple of every car on the road. more

Tesla Next Big Thing In Tech

Tesla Has 'Next Big Thing' In Tech, Says Apple's Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak said Tesla's Elon Musk isn't afraid to take risks and that's why his company is creating technology's next big thing. more

Apple Artificial Intelligence Chip

Artificial Intelligence For iPhone 8? Apple Working On Powerful Chip For Mobile Units, Self-Driving Cars

After Siri, Apple is playing catch up in the development of artificial intelligence technology and has been testing this on iPhone prototypes. more

Self-Driving Cars Will Affect Jobs

Self-Driving Cars Will Steal 300,000 Jobs Yearly From Americans, Analyst Reveals

Several carmakers are already developing self-driving technology and its impact will massively affect people whose livelihood is driving. more

Lyft Partners With Waymo For Self-Driving Cars

Lyft, Waymo Team Up On Self-Driving Car Tech Against Uber

The new partnership between Lyft and Waymo is non-exclusive as both companies also have self-driving car deals with other car companies. more

 Google Its Self-Driving Car Is Finally Ready

Apple, Tesla And Other Automakers Wants To Change California's Self-Driving Policy

The input, posted online by the DMV, includes suggestions by Lyft, Tesla, Uber, Waymo and dozens of others. more

Apple Reports Quarterly Earnings

Apple's Self-Driving Car Technology Permitted To Join Google, Tesla On California Streets

After keeping mum about the subject, the Cupertino-based company has been revealed to have been granted a permit to test self-driving cars in California, marking the start of Apple's gamble in the automobile industry. more

Riding in Uber’s self-driving cars

Is “Uber VS. Ford Motor” About to Happen?

Uber VS. Ford Motors: Who's side are you on? more

VW SEDRIC – World Premiere - LIVE - Weltpremiere - Geneva Motor Show 2017 4K VIDEO

Volkswagen Sedric: Future of Self-Driving Cars

Volkswagen Group Unveiled their fully autonomous concept called Sedric and it is said to be the future of self-driving cars in the automotive market. more

Toyota Research Institute's new autonomous test car revealed

Toyota Research Institute Rolls Out First Autonomous Car: A Lexus LS 600hL

The Lexus LS 600hL is Toyota’s first fully functioning self-driving car. more

Uber on the Way to Obtaining Permit for Self Driving Cars

Uber Applies For CA Self-Driving Permit, What Does This Change Mean For The Company?

Uber self-driving cars will soon acquire a permit for operations in California. more

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