AMD Vega: Doom in 4K with 60FPS At CES 2017, Expected to Outperform GTX 1080 and Titan X, Specs, Release Date, Price

Jan 07, 2017 08:14 PM EST | BC Tabotabo

After 5 long years, AMD is asking gamers to join the Radeon Rebellion. They have officially unveiled their AMD Vega GPU during the CES 2017. The company opened with a bang by demonstrating the GPU's power by playing Doom 4K.

AMD Vega: Next-Generation GPU Architecture. The next-gen GPU architecture was first discussed during a Tech Summit in December. While the Ryzen was celebrated by many, the Vega GPU is cause for talk among the gaming community.

AMD Radeon had already discussed their GPU roadmap for this year. They would start with Polaris, then move on to Vega, then after that the Navi.

Polaris is targeted for the mainstream gamer. Vega is targeted for the extreme gamer. It has everything that makes Polaris great but so much more. The new GPU is about 45 percent faster than the Fury X. This would put it way above the NVIDIA GTX 1080, maybe even above the Titan X and 1080 Ti.

Specs, Release Date, and Price. During the CES 2017, AMD posted a clip of Doom played in 4K with Ultra settings and still hitting 60fps and above on an AMD Ryzen system. The Vega architecture uses a "revolutionary memory subsystem" to access huge chunks of memory over a "mix of memory types." This will put it way above the NVIDIA GTX 1080 and will be a win for the company in the AMD vs. NVIDIA GPU competition.

The new architecture is said likely have 4,096 cores clocked at between 1.5 - 1.6 GHz. It will also have 8GB or even 16GB HBM2 memory in two stacks. This will deliver as much bandwidth as four stacks of HBM1 in a slimmer size. This will allow AMD to double or maybe even quadruple the amount of memory they offer.

This new technology is called "High-Bandwidth Cache" (HBC) that comes with a "High-Bandwidth Cache Controller" (HBCC). AMD calls this technology a "completely new memory hierarchy."

The architecture also features a new geometry pipeline similar to VRAM. This new engine will have more than twice the throughput per clock. Additionally, there is also an improved pixel engine with a new Draw Stream Binning Rasterizer. This aims to provide a boost in performance to deferred rendering engines, which is what many modern games utilize.

With the AMD Ryzen getting so much hype, the AMD Vega is really the showstopper for gamers. There has been no announcement yet as to the price but it can be expected to be anywhere around $500 to $800. Its target release is the first half of 2017.

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