Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Powerwall: 2017 Is Make Or Break Year For Tesla

Jan 02, 2017 07:20 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Powerwall, these are just some of the things that Tesla has to offer in 2017. During the next twelve months the company led by Elon Musk will introduce important news that will make or break the company. Tesla had a great year last 2016 which made their company very productive and allowed them to grow. In 2017, Tesla is ready to increase growth and leave its mark before the remainder of the decade ends. Check out all Tesla has to offer here.

Tesla Model 3

The first deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 is getting closer. The EV is the entry level in Tesla cars with a very affordable price which makes it a very popular vehicle where thousands of people already made deposits and reservations. If the deadlines set by the manufacturer are met, the first deliveries will be made in the last half of 2017.

However, there are several facts regarding the Tesla Model 3 that have not yet occurred and that will be seen in the coming months. It is the submission of the final production model that is, as seen to date, still in pre-production prototype stages and the design is not at 100%. The same thing happens with its interior, what has been seen for now is a room that anticipates the idea and a general scheme that one should find in production models.

In 2017, people will finally know what the final design of the Tesla Model 3 is and when delivery starts, people can also foresee if it can make or break Tesla according to Spectrum. Also some analyst are saying that the low priced Model 3 will make Tesla suffer while others are saying that it will make the brand stronger.

Tesla Model Y

The new crossover designed by Tesla will not reach showrooms in 2017, however, according to current information. Its debut will be released this year and one of the most highly anticipated for sure. The design of the Tesla Model Y is still unknown but has already generated considerable debate within and outside the company as Tesla is still unable to decide whether to provide it or not with falcon doors like its older brother, the Tesla Model X. Regardless of the final decision taken by the designers of the brand, the Model Y will surely be Tesla's main cards on the upcoming years.

Tesla Minibus Based On Model X

Confirmed by Elon Musk himself through his official Twitter account, it will be one of the most interesting launches. Tesla will also make in the next few years, a Tesla minibus based on the Tesla Model X. It is important to note that it will not be outin 2017 but it is possible that the company will unveil the first concrete and official details about the said model this year.

For now there are many guesses about whether the Tesla minibus will be marketed as a model more than its range or instead Tesla will choose to turn it into a consumer vehicle. It is also shuffled that the electric manufacturer opts for both options.

Tesla Powerwall 2

At the beginning of 2017 will be the first deliveries of the new Tesla Powerwall 2. At present, Tesla already produces the battery pack in its Gigafactory to start deliveries from the month of January in the United States. For the rest of markets where Tesla markets the Powerwall 2 will have to wait a couple of months more.

After entering a lot of improvements, such as having doubled its capacity, it is expected that the new Tesla Powerwall 2 will significantly increase sales compared to the first generation of these batteries and will allow Tesla to succeed in 2017 according to Wired. It will be sold for about $10,000.

Tesla Solar Roof

Over the next year, SolarCity will begin to gradually integrate into business and distribution channels of Tesla. The group, once integrated with Tesla, will begin working jointly with Panasonic to establish production at a factory in Buffalo, New York's second largest city. There, they will manufacture cells, modules and solar panels that will eventually lead Tesla to success.

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