Tesla Model S Autopilot Predicts Accident And Avoid Crashing [VIDEO]

Dec 29, 2016 08:41 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

A Tesla Model S autopilot predicts an accident and avoided crashing into the vehicles involved. Watch dashcam footage of one of the most amazing videos we've seen so far of the Tesla Model S below.

For autonomous cars to be as reliable, or even more, than a human, they must necessarily have been programmed to have a high anticipation capacity. Intuition, common sense, and the accumulation of experiences in a driver that make him already have his foot on the brake pedal when he sees a ball crossing the road, or even keep an eye out on the cars that precede him. Behold one of the most amazing videos we've seen so far of how a Tesla Model S autopilot works as reported by CNBC.

The sensitivity of the situation is that the accident ahead is not clear enough for the Tesla Model S autopilot as an Opel Corsa precedes the Tesla Model S. The problem is that the Opel Corsa does not notice the situation in time, it is not able to brake in time, nor dodge the car that has stopped in the left lane, and is involved in a collision.

This event is very typical in large cities and in sections prone to traffic jams but the Tesla Model S autopilot seems to be ready for it. Its system warns the driver with an audible warning (clearly heard in the video) moments before the accident occurs. The obstacle is clearly visible and even if the Opel Corsa actuates the brakes, the Tesla Model S has already slowed down before the collision occurs.

The Tesla Model S autopilot detects the obstacle before they even have a clear view of this, thanks to its radar system according to Motor1. Tesla has technology in which radar signals bounce around and underneath the vehicle. Thus, the Tesla Model S autopilot would not only be able to interpret what position the car that precedes it is on but also some of the cars that are in front or beside it.

Having radar systems that are able to see where the human eyes can't is one of the selling point of Tesla Model S autopilot and with this single dash cam video, we can say that Tesla ended their year great.

Here's the original tweet of the video owner and you can watch the video of the Tesla Model S autopilot in action below.

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