AVA Mobile App: Service Helps People With Hearing Disabilities Listen With Their Eyes

Dec 02, 2016 08:02 PM EST | Leonora


AVA, a mobile app developed by Transcense Inc., is now available to people with hearing disability. This mobile app translates conversations into texts in a smart phone, allowing the deaf to "listen" with their eyes while others talk.

This latest technology will be able to help the 5 percent of the global population or around 360 million people who suffer from total or partial hearing loss, according to BuzzworthyPeople who cannot hear are able to understand what is being said by reading the lips of the speaker. But, when he is with a group with several people talking at the same time, lip reading might not be useful anymore. Using the AVA mobile app either in an Android or iPhone will let the deaf "hear" what other people are saying using his eyes as the transcript of the conversations is presented as text on the screen of the mobile phone. 

It is every person's right to live a totally accessible life and accessibility means being able to participate in conversations and discussions and AVA is one means to fill the communication gap between those who can hear and who cannot, according to AvaWith the help of AVA, people who cannot hear are given a chance to participate in conversations and discussions, which is an important part of their social lives. 

During the Wall Street Journal Technology Conference in California, AVA mobile app won the nod of the judges and was a favorite among the audience among other presentations of global start ups. The application is not just a great help to people with hearing difficulties; its market opportunity is also big, according to one the judges, Ms. Theresa GouwAVA mobile app will meet the need of the 360 million people with hearing difficulties all over the world, which is a huge customer base for one product.

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