‘Grand Theft Auto’ Latest News & Update: Game Inspires 11-Year-Old To Have High-Speed Chase With Police

Nov 30, 2016 04:30 AM EST | Sharee Ann Narciso-Tolentino


An 11-year-old kid from Vaughan, Ontario decided to shake things up a bit after playing the popular video game, "Grand Theft Auto." The boy took his parents' car and drove off to a joyride before being stopped by the police.

The story would have stopped there but the youngster wanted to test his driving skills a bit more. After being stopped by the policemen, he drove off again in an attempt to re-engage in a high speed police chase which was exactly what he got. The police added even more officers on the scene and were able to put the chase to a halt without any accidents.

"Here we have an influence of a video game making kids try things without their parents' knowledge or consent," Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said in an interview about the incident on The Globe and Mail. The boy was driving at 120 kilometers per hour and the officials were alerted with a call about a reckless and fast driving case.

The reason behind the whole incident can be traced back to the game titled "Grand Theft Auto." According to Motherboard, the boy simply wanted to see how it felt to drive a real car out on the real road. The good news is that he was taken back to his folks safely, but we can only imagine how many months he will be grounded by his parents.

Critics claim that movies, video games and other forms of media have an effect on kids today. This incident is an example of what this influence can result into, even without the parents' consent.

Every game has appropriate ratings and age restrictions so that kids won't be have access to some games. We can only hope that parents check the labels before giving gifts like "Grand Theft Auto" to their kids.

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