Tesla Model X Review: Flashy Without Function And Full Of Flaws According To Consumer Reports

Nov 29, 2016 08:22 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

Consumer Reports, the prestigious American magazine devoted to comparing products independently since 1936, has returned to deliver a harsh criticism for the Tesla Model X. The review is full of tough talk saying that the electric car is more flashy rather than practical and has a lot of flaws that needs fixing.

Last year, Tesla launched a product that met all the necessary conditions to establish itself as the reference vehicle in the electric market. Fully electric motor, transmission to all four wheels, seven seats passengers and automatic transmission with opening wing doors and called it Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model X is a success in sales figures but lately it's been getting tough love as it receives numerous bad reviews and myriads of complaints as we reported on AutoWorldNews.

The recent report comes from Consumer Reports and says that the Model X went for needless flash over function according to CNN.

The Tesla Model X review also stated a lot of defects found during testing of these models, including the following: opening the doors tends to fail staying halfway, untinted glass roof is uncomfortable on sunny days, the impossibility of folding the seats of the third row thereby limiting the load capacity, excessive noise inside when the vehicle is in motion as a result of the wind and more.

Its fast and flawless performance didnt save the Tesla Model X rating. Despite being a car 2,450 kilos, 90 kWh battery that equips this model allows to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds. While these figures is impressive, the review marked it as too "restless" for its price, $ 110,000 according to FoxNews.

It also criticize the excess of technology since, although the interior highlighted by a striking minimalis" and most functions are controlled through a giant and extremely sensitive screen, this entails taking his eyes off the road. Similarly alleged that the Model X is marketed with the package semi-autonomous driving-without clearly specifying the capabilities and limitations of these systems.

It is recalled that this is not the first blow that tipped the prestigious publication to the Californian brand. After giving the Tesla Model S, a glowing review, awarding the car a near perfect score last year. Last October the Tesla Model X is hailed as one of the least reliable vehicles on the market, sinking the ranking of the Tesla brand to 25th place in a list of 29 manufacturers.

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