New Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone, Features 256GB Built-in Storage And 6GB Of RAM: A HOAX?

Nov 29, 2016 10:34 PM EST | Jessie Valenzuela


2017 offers a good present for Samsung brand lovers as it plans to release Samsung Galaxy S8 --- featuring 256GB internal storage capacity and 6GB of RAM --- early next year.  

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung Galaxy 8 has become the brand's new flagship. The excitement could not even be contained when speculations about the Galaxy 8's specifications got leaked to the public.

Techtastic, a Dutch website, released buzzes about S8's bigger built-in storage amounting to 256GB --- which, if you may recall, is just the initial expandable storage capacity of the previous Galaxy Note 7 model that had already been discontinued. Thus, it makes Samsung Note S8 perform competitively with Apple iPhone's internal storage capacity of the same size.

Could a Samsung Galaxy S8 owner still opt to put an external memory card for additional storage?

The answer is probably no. Supposedly, given the built-in memory size, chances of having an expandable storage option no longer becomes a necessity. The rumor about this internal storage capacity is believed to originate in China, according to a post on International Business Times.

However, since those rumors were still unconfirmed by Samsung, the certainty whether Galaxy S8 requires an expandable storage or a separate microSD or not still needs to be validated.  

Based on the speculations, S8 may also carry an artificial intelligence-based voice assistant. Allegedly, there will be a male assistant named Bixby and female voice assistant named Kestra. These voice-assistant prototypes will adhere to the EU patent application requirements, which would be to facilitate voice commands and voice recognition and achieve a hands-free mobile phone utilization.

Another feature Techtastic ostensibly revealed was the 6GB RAM of Samsung's new Galaxy S8. This was considered as 2GB bigger than Samsung Galaxy S7's RAM, which was only at 4GB, as Gadgets 360 reported.  

While Samsung holds its horses to officially announce S8 specifications, Samsung phone enthusiasts are still looking forward to see how this new Galaxy variant becomes handy and convenient.

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