Samsung Galaxy X: Here's The Low Down On This Incredible Device

Aug 15, 2017 06:46 AM EDT | Paul Urban

Smartphones reached the pinnacle of its popularity this year. Such devices release by the day and its features are getting better and better. Samsung Galaxy X elevates the level of competition for the best and most cutting-edge mobile device.

The Samsung Galaxy X is unique and one of a kind. Such technology has yet to appear, and Samsung is the first to do it.

So, what makes this smartphone unique? First off, it is the only talked-about and conceptualized smartphone. By foldable, it means the entire phone folds entirely.

It is different from the clamshell phones released years ago. This time, the Samsung Galaxy X's entire display can fold because of its ultra slim and flexible AMOLED display.

Perhaps, many would ask when did Samsung Galaxy X begin? Well, believe it or not, the concept first came out on May 12, 2011. It all started when researchers revealed a design for a foldable device.

The prototype showed its foldability without distorting the images or destroying the display. It did demonstrate the use of AMOLED technology.

Fast forward to December 2016, Samsung showed a foldable AMOLED device on YouTube. The video revived the excitement Samsung caused after its initial foldable device teaser back in 2011.

So, is it going to happen soon? Fortunately, it may happen sooner than expected. A model number SM-G888N0 believed as the Galaxy X passed through Bluetooth SIG certification. Such mystery device also made it through Wi-Fi Alliance. For sure, Note 8 and iPhone 8 happen first before the Galaxy X.

Samsung, however, needs to release an official word. At this point, everything remains a rumor. Samsung Galaxy X's unveiling may be towards the end of the year according to rumors as well. Even this piece of information needs confirmation.

This little bit of information may serve as crucial development. If it is indeed the Galaxy X, it must be underway. Stay tuned for more information on the Samsung Galaxy X.

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