New Fitbit Smartwatch Is The Ultimate Apple Watch Competition

Aug 14, 2017 03:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban

Smartwatches are everyone's companion in health and fitness! It gets more and more capable every time. The new Fitbit smartwatch, which will be out in few months is another addition to fantastic smartwatches in the market.

Fitbit is one of Apple's competition in smartwatch sector. The brand's popularity increasingly rises because of its impressive smart watch offerings. This trend continues as new Fitbit smartwatch comes this holiday season.

Holiday season release is very ideal. Buyers are more motivated to purchase this time of the year because of more cash availability. 'Tis the season to be jolly for Fitbit indeed!

The latest Fitbit smartwatch is incredible. The new smartwatch boasts of multi-day battery life. This feature offers unbridled use as it practically does not need charging all the time. Fitbit Blaze has good battery life, so expect that the new Fitbit smartwatch is much better.

The Fitbit Charge may be its most popular smartwatch, but that is soon to change. The upcoming Fitbit smartwatch is available through various leaks. At first glance, it looks traditional. The leaked photos suggest it looks more like the Blaze.

The same hardware buttons on Fitbit Blaze are present. These are the two on the right and one of the left. Overall, the interface does not look any different from the Blaze.

The leaks are not wrong altogether. However, Fitbit users expect something new. Design and character of the smartwatch are something that Apple mastered. Apple Watch is extremely popular and desired not only for its capabilities but because of its looks as well.

Fitbit may not take this cue from Apple. Fitbit is firm with going for their own identity. The new Fitbit smartwatch may look ordinary, but its other features easily make it a standout. It is more like capacity first before style. People are already placing their bets on the new Fitbit device as the one to trump Apple Watch on the top spot.

The new Fitbit smartwatch is one of the most highly anticipated devices to launch this year. Stay tuned for more detailed information on the new smartwatch.

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