Massive Toyota Repair Job Estimated At $3.4 Billion

Nov 21, 2016 06:34 AM EST | Jess F.


If Toyota's car frames are indeed prone to rust, the company will be facing about $3.4. billion in settlement and a massive repair job to replace the existing frames in question.

This was after a class lawsuit is filed against Toyota for the frames of Toyota Tacoma, Tundras, and Sequia SUVs. Based on the case filed, the frames of some Toyota vehicles are prone to rust. If the prosecution proves their claim, Toyota will have to replace the car frames of about 224,000 units.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. It apparently requires an almost total disassembly of the vehicle. If Toyota loses the lawsuit, they will have to disassemble, replace, and reassemble more than 200,000 vehicles.

Court documents show that in order to come up with an amicable settlement, a total of $3.4 billion in repairs should be agreed upon. The astrological amount converts to the massive overhaul Toyota will be facing if the frames in some of their cars are indeed prone to rust.

But how hard is it to repair and replace the frame of Toyota vehicles? Some YouTube users shared a useful video showing how it is done. A video uploaded by Lee Auto Mall shows how to replace a Toyota Tacoma's frame.

In the video, it was demonstrated how a Toyota Tacoma was completely broken apart to remove the old frame and was replaced with a new one. It took a team of mechanics and a hydraulic lift to do the job, which takes a couple of days to finish. 

But it looks like Toyota is amicable and is ready to face the responsibility for its cars. "The ultimate size of the settlement depends on a number of factors, including the valuation of the benefits offered under the settlement. Plaintiffs' counsel will have to explain how they're reaching their valuation numbers," Toyota said in a statement, via Autonews.

Those whose safety is directly compromised by using rusty suspension mounts will be prioritized by Toyota, based on the proposal for settlement.


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