First Look at Land Rover Discovery's 'Trailer Parking for Dummies' Advanced Tow Assist

Nov 19, 2016 04:53 AM EST | Jess F.

The Land Rover Discovery is a lean and mean machine, but even for the bulkiest hunk out there, parking with a trailer in tow could still be a challenge. But fret not as the company releases its advanced trailer parking assist system to make the lives of Land Rover users easier.

It's like an autopilot feature but focused on parking with a caravan in tow. This will assist the driver to park his or her rover and the trailer attached to the back with minimal control.

Based on the statistics revealed by the company, almost 80 percent of the said car model is being used with a caravan, so releasing this assist feature will greatly help Discovery users. Most Discoveries were used to tow a trailer or caravan once, according to Autoexpress.

The new version of Land Rover Discovery is said to be more advanced and innovative compared to its predecessor. With a semi-autonomous trailer parking assist system, it looks like it really is. It is also said to be more stylish and sleek compared to the old models but still possess the characteristics and functions that customers loved about Land Rovers.

The 'Advanced Tow Assist' will help drivers park in reverse while their rover is pulling a huge caravan or a trailer, according to Autocar. Experts say it is actually a good marketing move by the carmakers. Also, a good selling strategy to focus on enhancing existing systems that aims to assist drivers in specific problematic aspects of driving like parking in reverse while towing a trailer van.

The system was originally introduced in 2010 and had received a recent upgrade. With the update, more people are expected by experts to consider a Land Rover discovery if the intent to purchase a car is to tow a caravan. Who wouldn't love a rover who can park in reverse autonomously, right?

This new technology will help drivers focus on the more essential part of driving like steering instead of calculating and looking back to see if the towed caravan is in place. With the process, the car will be able to assist itself.


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