MG ZS SUV: New Pictures Appear Ahead of Reveal

Nov 16, 2016 05:40 PM EST | Jess F.

Have you seen the MG ZS SUV yet? Though the reveal will happen later this year, unofficial images were revealed prompting enthusiast to question its authenticity.

The images originated from an off-the U.S. Chinese car enthusiast website. Although a lot of people still question the authenticity of the image, the website claims that the photos are the first official release of MG ZS SUV. Based on the images released, it has an uncanny likeness to Mazda CX3 model.

The new car model is supposed to launch a few days from now, on Nov. 18 at the Guangzhou Motor Show 2016. Nevertheless, unconfirmed or not, the recent image garnered the attention of car enthusiasts worldwide awaiting the official release of the new MG ZS SUV.

Experts say that if it is indeed the new MG SUV, it has a resemblance to the look of Mazda CX-3 in terms of design. But the MG signature make is still very evident with the new model specifically in its rear part. The new model's look is courtesy of MG's parent company, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, SAIC Design, according to Auto Car.

But the anticipation of the new MG ZS SUV has been the topic of the car enthusiast community since it was announced. There were even spy footage of its testing last October where images of the alleged design of the new model were also revealed, according to Auto Express.

This is how celebrated this new MG car model is, that it has even commanded the use of spy cameras in order to get the first glimpse of its design. The Guangzhou motor show is also expected to garner a lot of enthusiasts all over the world because of the debut of the new MG ZS SUV.

What the people know so far is that the MG ZS SUV will be an upgrade of the company's GS SV. The height will be higher compared to the hatch model. There are some alleged modifications to the headlamps as well making the new ZS even look more badass than the older releases.

From the spy footage, experts were also able to assume that the ZS SUV will have a 1.0-liter motor. This makes the release all the more interesting because the carmaker hasn't released a petrol-based motor of this type before. This drastically increased the hype to the MG SZ SUV.

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