VW Creates Autonomous Tech, Focuses On Driver Element

Sep 29, 2016 04:14 AM EDT | Claire Ann Austria


As an adaptation the flow of the fast changing auto world, Volkswagen recently patented a German self-driving technology application. This VW creation gives the driver the ability to provide input even engaged on the self-driving mode. 

This self-driving technology application has the system that gradually detects any situation on the road with multiple decisions. The technology system alerts the driver through an infotainment screen. With this, the driver can give the system series of instruction through the touch-sensitive surface installed right at the top of the gearshift.

When VW's autonomous vehicle sees a slow-moving car ahead, this self-driving technology application would ask the driver on what to do - if the driver would like to pass the vehicle or remain in the same lane. It will then display an option for the driver to push if he or she would like to pass the vehicle small touchscreen on the gearshift knob.

Another capability of this VW's patent is its ability to respond to various input commands from the driver. By putting a palm over the gearshift knob, it will turn the self-driving technology off and put the driver in complete control of the vehicle. While the patent shows the touch-sensitive surface on the top of the gearshift knob, this technology could go anywhere in the vehicle just as long as it's in an easy-to-reach place for the driver.

This VW's tactic of providing the drivers more control through this self-driving technology is indeed another breakthrough for the auto world and the bulks of software that surrounds it.

"Mobility remains a basic human need - even in the digital age. Constant calls for doing without or banning mobility are not the answer," said Matthias Müller, the CEO of Volkswagen AG. He stressed that "intelligent concepts" are what is needed, which will help make the automobile part of the solution instead of the problem.

"As a hub of innovation, Hamburg is already a pioneer when it comes to forward-looking themes such as digitalization or the intelligent transport systems (ITS) strategy. With our ideas and our expertise, we want to contribute to making Hamburg a model city for intelligent transport," he concluded.

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