How The Apple Car Is Doing So Far: Project Titan Updates, Possible Release Dates, And More

Sep 14, 2016 05:33 AM EDT | Anne Khristine Coleman


Apple has never considered itself too ambitious as rumors surface all over the internet regarding its latest contribution to technology; the Apple Car or more commonly known as Project Titan.

As it turns out, the dream and struggle to build a self-driving car is also shared by other known car slash tech companies, Tesla and Uber. Last Sunday, Tesla announced the latest update in their journey towards vehicle autonomy.

According to Vanity Fair, the self-driving software is in the works of the hands of Tesla experts, while Uber is the most eager to release their experimental versions out in the market - specifically in Pittsburgh. The fact that the people behind Apple are assuming the role of being silent workers leaves a lot of tech enthusiasts puzzled.

The Hype's Rise And Fall

Project Titan was never announced nor acknowledged by Apple's main man, CEO Tim Cook. However, just October of last year, he released a statement which made the imagination of the WSJD conference audience run wild.

"There will be a massive change in the industry," the Apple CEO said. 

Last July, it was the news report that Bob Mansfield, Apple's executive officer, will lead the said project that somehow confirmed the speculations of the media.

However, recent news gave a negative vibe about the dream project. The reports were given out by The New York Times and The Financial Times, which described the situation as a change of strategy in the part of the company.

This shift resulted to Apple letting go of dozens of Project Titan employees. At the moment, the Times reports that the strategy somehow revolves around developing the technology of the self-driving car, rather than focusing on building a new car.

Possible Release Date

As if waiting for the year 2020 wasn't long enough, The Information reports that Apple may have decided to add one more year before the automated car's first release. The issue of delay may have come from the would-be car computers themselves, housing servers which will be done by Apple's very own experts. The servers will have to process the massive data to make the vehicle really come to life. 

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