Electric Cars Are Contagious, Here's The Reason Behind The Infection

Sep 12, 2016 05:20 AM EDT | Anne Khristine Coleman


Humans form habits and habits attract groups of humans with the same interest. This is how the pursuit of electric cars started. Humans have the tendency to imitate other humans. We may be aware or unaware of it. Contagion does not stop on diseases but also in habits and activities that turn into trends afterwards.

Studies prove the interest in technology can be very contagious. A good example is when your neighbor installs a new smart home security system, you will likely to install one for your home.

The EV Epidemic

The U.S. Department of Energy published a recent study that companies who offer charging stations will 20 times be more likely to have employees who will buy electric or plug-in hybrid cars.

The DOE did not provide further explanations on consumer choices about electrics based on the study reported earlier this week. However, if you look more closely at it, you can form some sensible theories why electric vehicles can be feasible; of which is about early technology adopters.

Early adopters are consumers who use products that go with the day's trends. They are the first to utilize the latest gadgets and technology available. Because of their relentless desire to have the newest products in the market, they are able to introduce technology to late adopters.

EV Dealers to Blame? 

Moving forward, half-hearted electric car dealerships are seen as one of the causes for the down-tempo on electrics. The Sierra Club recently asked 174 of its members to try shopping for EVs on 308 dealerships.

According to Car Connection News42 percent said that electric vehicles weren't front and center; 33 percent said that sales staff didn't discuss federal and state tax credits for EV buyers; and,14 percent said that dealers claimed their cars weren't charged enough for a test drive.

Granted, as an environmental organization, Sierra Club has an interest in proving that dealers aren't doing enough to promote electric car purchases. Also, studies that rely on volunteers to report their experiences might not be as reliable as studies carried out by paid staff.

Even if these figures may be accurate, this does not mean that dealership can be held as the sole reason for the uneventful emergence of electric vehicles in the US. If we look at the numbers of EVs running in America, it will only cover about one percent.

It is still interesting to know as to when the EV epidemic will erupt and when will the rest of humankind catches the infection. 

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