Uber Autonomous Self-Driving Car Fails to Stop and Hits a Pedestrian on the Road

Uber's Self Driving Car Fails and Hits a Pedestrian on the Road

The roads of America are not very safe, proof of that are pedestrian fatalities caused by vehicles on the road! What makes this incident different is that Uber's self-driving car is the culprit. more

Uber Driverless Cars In Pittsburgh

Uber's Self-Driving Car Experiment Fails Pittsburgh

It seems Pittsburgh regrets hosting Uber for its self-driving car experiment. more

Car Ownership To Dwindle As Ride-Sharing App Use Increase

Own A Car Or Use An App? 1 In 3 People Find Ride-Sharing Services More Practical, Survey Says

With consumers' increasing penchant for connectivity and mobility, automakers are looking at changing their business model. more

Lyft Partners With Waymo For Self-Driving Cars

Lyft, Waymo Team Up On Self-Driving Car Tech Against Uber

The new partnership between Lyft and Waymo is non-exclusive as both companies also have self-driving car deals with other car companies. more

Uber Rolls Out Plan To Launch Fleet Of Flying Taxis

Uber Aims For The Sky With Flying Taxis Set To Take Off By 2020 In Dubai & Dallas

In an ambitious feat, Uber takes to the sky its ride-hailing service with flying taxis that are expected to be flying by 2020. more


Italian Court Banned Uber Operations Over Unfair Competition

An Italian court banned Uber's operation in the country due to unfair competition. more

Ford First Quarter Earnings Drop Due To Strong Dollar, Weak Sales

Ford Tops The List Of Companies Part Of The Self-Driving Technological Race

Ford tops the list of companies in the self-driving technology race beating out pioneers such as Waymo, Uber, and Tesla. more

Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

Uber Continues Self-driving Pilot Program After Accident

Just after a few days of one of its self-driving cars getting in to an accident, ride-sharing service provider Uber placed its autonomous vehicles back on the road after suspending its operations after a car crash. more

Inside Uber's Self-Driving Car | WIRED

Uber Halts Self-Driving Car Tests After Arizona Crash

The recent crash is a big blow to Uber which is facing a lot of criticism lately. more

Former Google Exec Anthony Levandowski Allegedly Sold Waymo's Tech to Uber

Former Google Exec Anthony Levandowski Allegedly Sold Waymo's Tech to Uber

Anthony Levandowski left Google to start his own self-driving truck company Otto in Feb. 2016. He sold his company to Uber six months later. More details here. more

Uber on the Way to Obtaining Permit for Self Driving Cars

Uber Applies For CA Self-Driving Permit, What Does This Change Mean For The Company?

Uber self-driving cars will soon acquire a permit for operations in California. more

Ford And GM Report Large Drops In Monthly Sales

Ford To Invest US$1 Billion In Argo AI For Its Own Fleet Of Self-Driving Vehicles

Ford has announced an investment of US$1 billion in tech startup Argo to assist in building a fleet of commercial self-driving cars by 2020. more

Uber CEO quits Trump advisory council

Americans Call For Uber Delete Made Uber CEO Resign Economic Council

The Uber Delete incident caused Uber CEO resignation in the Economic Advisory Council. more

Uber Reportedly Loses Over $1 Billion In First Half Of 2016

Uber And Mercedes-Benz's Parent Company Partner Up On Self-Driving Cars

Uber and Daimler, Mercedes-Benz's parent company has announced a partnership to create self-driving cars that run on the Uber's network. more

Uber Reportedly Loses Over $1 Billion In First Half Of 2016

Uber and Honda Faces Lawsuit After 'Fatal Crash'

Uber may have to start reassessing their screening process because of this. more

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