2017 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited: The Best Bike In The US Now?

Sep 13, 2016 07:41 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal

Here is one Harley-Davidson bike that can take the battle straight to the Indian camp in the grand tourer market. It has got a solid street presence, which, together with the mean performance punch it is capable of delivering, can make the 2017 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited the road equivalent of a luxury yacht.

Harley-Davidson CVO Limited: A Beast On Two Wheels

At around eight and a half feet in length and a weight of 940 pounds, the CVO means business right away. That much of weight on two wheels is never a problem given its excellently balanced weight and a low center of gravity, all of which ensured the CVO remains planted and in control even when cornering real hard.

Powering the beast is an 1868 cc twin-cooled Milwaukee Eight featuring four valves per cylinder. Speaking of the new engine, Harley-Davidson Chief Engineer Alex Bozmoski said it is a typical Harley unit which is capable of 'stump-pulling torque straight out of the box'.

Harleys never reveal the horsepower figure, instead quoting only the torque rating. However, the new engine is still believed to have the power of 90 or so horses, while boasting of 124-foot pounds of torque. Power deliver, according to Ride Apart is smooth and linear without being too overboard.

Taming the Beast is No Joke

Gear shift quality is good too, though the gear lever can feel a tad bit tight. That, of course, isn't an issue when cruising along no-man's-land but can be a source of pain and frustration in equal measure in heavy rush hour stop-go kind of traffic. The same scenario can also make the engine become real hot, something that the riders can feel on even their right legs as well.

Another unique quality of the new CVO is the rear suspension adjustment switch it comes with. As things stand right now, opting for different driving settings such as riding solo, riding with a passenger, or riding with a passenger and luggage can be set with the hand itself with help from a chart provided by the manufacturer. Earlier, the same would have required using special equipment.

On the whole, the Harley-Davidson CVO Limited offers a really nice ride, save for the rear tires that are perfect on dry surfaces, but have the tendency to fly around in wet conditions when pushed through the corners.

In the end, what can be said of the CVO is that it is near-perfect and serves the role of a grand tourer remarkably well. It has an invincible feel to it, one that can simply go on and on.

While it's true that at $41,000, it doesn't come cheap, but it is worth every penny of it. It's simply a really good bike.

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