Tesla Introduces New Charging Solution For Apartment Residents

Sep 13, 2016 05:52 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Tesla is testing a new charging solution that would make is easy for owners of Tesla cars living in apartments to charge their cars, Electrek reported.

Tesla's New Chargers

The revelation to this effect was made by Georg Ell, Tesla's Director responsible for Western Europe. Ell had earlier announced he is looking for 'prospective Model S or X customers' who are living in apartments in the U.K. and have present parking facilities to try out the firm's new charging solution.

Ell however declined to elaborate further as to what exactly the new charging solution is like even though he stated his call generated enough response.

All that Ell divulged to Electrek is that they are "working together with some other folks to build a repeatable approach to multi-unit dwelling charging".

What is clear though is that the standard Tesla Wall Connector still plays a role, which means there are no new connectors or such that is at play here. Instead, it could be the implemention that might have been tinkered with.

Tesla's New Charger - Power Sharing?

For instance, Tesla had earlier launched the 'Power sharing feature' that made it possible to accommodate a maximum of four Wall Connectors on the same circuit breaker. Such a feature might have a role to play for those living in apartment blocks as each owner won't have to set up their own Wall Connector to charge their cars.

The above initiative assumes significance in light of the impending launch of the more affordable Model 3, which will have a greater appeal among the middle-class buyers. So far, both the Model S and Model X are positioned in the luxury segment with buyers largely having their own Wall Connector installed at their home to charge their vehicles.

Propriety managers and homeowners associations (HOA) had earlier refused to install charging stations within their premises which, no doubt, will dent the appeal of electric vehicles. The single biggest hurdle that EV firms need to overcome is, apart from the availability of tehir vehicles itself, is the lack of enough charging stations. Further, unlike conventional cars with internal combustible engines, EVs also require to be plugged in for sometime at least to gain enough range.

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