Apple's Driverless Car Project Titan May Not Push Through

Sep 12, 2016 06:33 AM EDT | Jomar Teves


The recent talks around a potential Apple car may have all been a waste of precious energy better used towards the levitating, hologram-beaming "iPhone 10," if a new report is porves true.

Apple car continues to be a rumor

Despite months and months of hints and rumors that provoked numerous tech insiders to believe that Apple was secretly working on developing a car, whatever the company's plans had clearly drastically changed, as showed by an enormous round of cutbacks.

In addition to the cutbacks of "dozens," Apple has additionally, "covered parts of its self-driving car project," according to a report from the New York Times. The article refers to three different individuals with knowledge of Apple's moves.

Still no assurance from Apple

However, up until now, Apple has offered no confirmation of any plans on creating a car, self-driving or not. At first, the hope from some people was that the future might offer a commercial car as technologically smooth and design-friendly as the iPhone. But as tech industry talks have shifted in recent months towards an emphasis on self-driving cars from the likes of Uber and Google, the Apple rumors transformed into speculation about an automated car from the smartphone giant.

Apple on supporting carmakers

Strangely, Apple's initiatives around CarPlay, its dashboard system for existing cars, has gotten little consideration with regard to the Apple car rumors. Just a year ago, rumors were high that all the car activity at Apple was actually intended for supporting existing automakers instead of making its own car, a process that involved creating a testing vehicle, which may have led to many of the rumors.

Nonetheless, all the theories will likely continue emerging for quite a while, as even the most optimistic rumors around an assumed Apple Car put its debut at some point around 2021 (around five years from now). In tech industry time, that is an eternity and basically, it means that anything can happen.

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