We Need More Electric Cars Before the SUV Madness Fizzles Out

Dec 21, 2019 02:45 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Electric Cars Are Needed More Before the SUV Madness Fizzles Out

By 2020, most carmakers need to have or start acquiring tech to make electric cars or lose out terribly.
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The sedan is dead as others say about the car that carried every generation, until the coming of the SUV. Here is another headline for the big carmakers pouring investments towards SUVs as demand gets bigger for them. Electric cars will kill off the SUV, starting in 2020, and the SUV obsession will be a crutch for them. Companies like Tesla and their fellow electric startups are the future of motoring, not SUV hybrids that are churned out to keep EV sales in check. Incidentally, sedans are not dead, they just got better, and Tesla is proof to that.

 For now, SUVS are the high ticket but the cost to produce them will tell, and that will not be a pretty sight. It cannot be denied that SUVS are stronger in sales, than any other time in automotive history. Electric car makers are losing sales bigtime to SUVS, but there is still a captive market that attracts early adopter of EVs.

For all the ballyhooed shortcoming of the actual carbon footprint of EVs, that is nothing compared to the lashing SUVS are experiencing now. Yes, it can be shrugged off, but more are anti-SUV as environmentalism and sustainability are hedging SUVS to the fringes. Could it be denied that EVs are the future? They are and these are what will drive carmakers to adopt the electric car and drop SUVS.

 1. Countries are demanding carmakers for more EVs, as environmental concerns are paramount for the customer, preferring an EV over an SUV.

 2. More car buyers all over the world want to keep using cars, but not gas guzzlers like the Ford F-150.

 3. In the US, Tesla motors is having a downturn in sales, but they are the biggest EV company in the world.

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4. Volkswagen and other big carmakers are investing in charging stations with joint ventures to supply more charging facilities.

 5. People are having violent reactions to SUVS are spreading, even prompting suggestions to ban them in cities.

 6. Car badges like BMW, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, and other big Euro companies have partnered with others in mergers to get ahead.

 7. SUV hybrids made by American carmakers may not pan out as presumed.

 8. Gaining on from 2020, carmakers need to start or lose out if they do not have full electric by 2025.

 9. In China, Tesla has a beachhead in Shanghai that makes new energy vehicles. Already Tesla has a head start that will be hard to catch up on.

Wrapping up
All these going ons in the automotive industry is driving the electric car into the golden age, when all cars sold will be EVs for all cars sold to buyers. As of now, all car buyers are having a problem when buying EVs. Especially, in the US which is Tesla's home base where it is duking it out to survive. Moves by major car brands to acquire tech needed to make EVs shows that it is made or break. US carmakers in heavy SUV production need to catch up or miss the boat. When the last SUVS are made because electric cars are dominant, then it will be the age of the electric car. It's EVs or nothing or face disaster.

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