Jeremy Clarkson Slams BBC Presenter Jerry Vine, Says He's A Selfish Cyclist Who Knows Nothing

Sep 06, 2016 05:48 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

After making news on his "The Grand Tour" comeback, former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has once more found himself in the middle of the spotlight after the controversial host launched into an angry tirade against Jeremy Vine, a former BBC colleague who posted a video showing himself being confronted by a motorist.

Jeremy Clarkson, who is known for his sharp wit and who was never outdated when it comes to controversies, showed another side of the argument that was not seen through the road rage video that was uploaded on YouTube in his latest column.

Clarkson accused the journalist of acting in a superior manner by slowing down and causing a traffic blockage while riding on a London street and filming an argument with a driver. He added it was selfish of Mr. Vine to cycle in the middle of the narrow road just to avoid being hit by people opening their car doors without looking.

In the footage, Vine can be seen cycling down the middle of the road and by doing so, was blocking cars. He eventually came across a frustrated driver, who threatened Vine because of his slow progress. The incident happened in Kensington, West London.

In response to Vine's uploaded video, Clarkson wrote up an awesome reply that presents some of the disappointments and frustrations felt by fellow drivers that have faced the same issues when it comes to self-righteous bicyclists.

"Today they all wear helmet cameras to record your rage. Then when they got home, they upload it on You Tube and you're made to look like a short-tempered fool," Clarkson stated. 

Jeremy Vine happens to be a presenter for a BBC Radio 2 program who bikes from his Chiswick home to the Radio 2 Studios in Oxford Circus. He is also known to be a cycling safety campaigner.

Numerous netizens believes that Jeremy Clarkson is right for both the motorists and cyclists to respect the rules of the road as well as respecting one another. He also doesn't tolerate or give an excuse regarding the driver's behavior.

Do you agree with Jeremy Clarkson's response to Jeremy Vine? Have you watched Jeremy Clarkson's new show? Let us know your thoughts here.

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