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Electric Cars or Internal Combustion Engine Cars Which is Better for The Environment?

Electric Cars or Internal Combustion Engine Cars: Which is Better for The Environment?

Ask this question and the two sides of the argument will insist they are better! Are electric cars or ICE car truly the green option? Or we need to dig deeper what is better for the environment. more

Electric Cars Are Getting a Bad Rep in Winter that They Do Not Deserve!

Here's Why Electric Cars are Great Vehicles for Winter

Despite the bad press they get, here are affirmatives that give credit to their engineering. They are the most advanced cars on the planet. Compared to old internal combustion engines they are alternative technology with promise. more

Will equipping SUVs with hybrid engines be better than ICE SUVs

Will Equipping SUVs with Hybrid Engines be Better than ICE SUVs

Houston we got a problem will be what comes to mind when SUVs are in time for the great dying, but just won’t. Car manufacturers wouldn’t just let them be phased out. Instead of hybrid SUVs that are now getting a second lease of life. more

SUVs and Zero Emission Goals are Incompatible to a Clean Environment

Sport Utility Vehicles and Zero Emission Goals are Incompatible to a Clean Environment

Increased sales of Electric Vehicles has indicated a trend towards greener vehicles. Encouraging results from the development of EVs is the introduction of Hydrogen-powered fuel-cell cars that need hydrogen and oxygen to produce power. more

Tesla Production Facility

Delivery Issues Faced by Electric Car Company, Tesla

Tesla is having a hard time handling its logistics that is why it is doing the best of what it can to gain the knowledge and skills in dealing with this vital business part in the least possible time. more

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES

Toyota Sticks To Hydrogen-Powered Cars For Renewable Energy Use

Product specialist Petschler says no burning involved, keeping the environment clean. more

Toyota Fuel-Cell Vehicle (FCV)

Toyota Could Lose Big on Hydrogen

A former EU official estimates that Toyota could suffer major losses on its upcoming hydrogen-powered sedan. more

Elon Musk

Falcon-Wing Doors and Auto Pilot: What's Next for Tesla?

Car enthusiasts patiently await the arrival of the Model X. more

2014 BMW i3 Picture

Green Car Finalists Announced

The five finalists include the BMW i3, Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel, Audi A3 TDI, Honda Fit and Volkswagen Golf. more

Beijing, China Smog

China Ups Green Car Mandate

At least 30 percent of cars bought by the Chinese government must use alternative energy by 2016, according to a new mandate. more


Audi To Launch Hybrid

Audi plans to release at least four plug-in hybrid vehicles. more

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