Go Car-Less with an e-Bike the Best Option That Has Many Benefits

Dec 19, 2019 08:33 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Go Car-Less with an e-Bike the Best Option That Has Many Benefits
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Why going car-less is the best with e-Bikes are alternative personal transport. This will bring in what benefits we have lost with all the cars on the road.

Owning a car has put under pressure owners, and also how it affects the environment negatively. Before cars, there were more bikes and less stress related to car-use or road rage. To go car-less and own an e-Bike will bring in the benefits, for everyone who adopts its use. Another reason why there are fewer bikes on the road are accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists who end up in the hospital or the morgue. With fewer cars on roads, more car-free suburbs, urban locations will need more e-Bikes.

Here are some reasons to choose one, if you do not need your car, or just sell that car and choose an e-Bike as the main option.

a. More e-Bikes are sold in the US

Compared to the US, it used more in Europe with more car free-streets and people-centric city planning. In the US, more cities are having more car-free streets. There is even a drive to minimize car use within city limits. E-Bikes will be the perfect renewable and low impact transport to improve city life for all. 

 b. These bikes are light-years from just bikes

 One feature that transforms a bike into more than a bike, are the motors which give an extra boost to climbing hills better. Other controls are a throttle on the handles to adjust speed and an LCD to see how much is juice left. When power runs out, shift to using the pedal. The motors are found in different places on the e-Bike, like a hub-drive or a mid-drive which are both good options to choose from.

c. Bolt-on an electric motor then you have power

 Ordinary bikes are just pedal-driven but add a motor placed in the hub or a mid-drive position, there is more torque to move it faster. This enables the electric bike to reach faster speeds, though it consumes more power. The important aspect is that it is powered and is rechargeable as well. Just an ordinary outlet and converter, it is all good to go.

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 d. What type of e-Bike

 Better to know what you can get as an e-Bike option for better alternative choices. The three types to select from is pedal assist (no throttle), throttle equipped with a maximum speed of 20 mph, and the last is pedal assist (no throttle) with 28 mph maximum speed.

 There are other classes of more expensive e-Bikes that have motors with 1000-watts plus available. These are called e-mopeds that are ridden on roads, not a path for slower bikes. Other types are Pedalecs and other types which are used in European cities that prohibit car use.

e. e-Bikes will change personal transport

  More calls to lessen car use and free cities from congestion and pollutive effects of car ownership will need e-Bikes as options. Some will complain that it is an extravagance, but overall e-Bikes are easier to maintain than a car. With lessen the impact on everything like a car, personal transport will be cheaper, healthier and eco-friendlier than ever.

 Time to choose the car-less lifestyle and get an e-Bike that returns more benefits. It will take time but it happens, even now bikes are catching on as a viable alternative to cars.

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