True Sustainability and Car-Use Has a Long Way to Go and We Are in Trouble

Dec 18, 2019 11:33 AM EST | Staff Reporter

True Sustainability and Car-Use Has a Long Way to Go and We Are in Trouble Houston
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The answer to saving ourselves is better car-use and true-sustainability or we are going to face a hard road ahead.

One of the problems that compound cars are two things, and it should be resolved in the soonest. That is true sustainability and car-use, ignoring them has led to this unsurmountable environmental debt which needs to be lessened. Owning cars are taken for granted, and all are guilty concerning true sustainability. 

The problem is not understanding how they are connected, both practices car-use and sustainability are very connected. Cars are not the only cause of pollution but other activities that are linked to it. It is good we are actively seeking solutions, but what about the real problem. Continued car use should lead to true-blue sustainability, or more problems need to be dealt with.

Connect the dots, and reach final conclusions. 

 There is a mess of everything without sustainability, and it is biting back.

 One of the biggest mistakes of car-use is that it has multiplied and the second-worst threat to the environment. Electric vehicles still have a carbon footprint because of the oil to create electricity. There is a need to develop materials for cars that are re-usable and their very renewable fuel, so there is not carbon produced. 

The answer is to create ways to re-use and recycle everything we have. The sooner developing a reusable and disposable car with all renewable parts should be the solution. Another thing is the communal use of cars or shuttles, no more personal use cars and more car-free cities. 

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True sustainability and recycling cars or get mountains of them rotting.

Car-use and sustainable practices are causing problems that are making everything more difficult. Achieving zero-energy cost when we regard all the resources we use, either for cars or everything else is important to lessen our environmental debt. 

 One of the least developed sources of energy is solar power, which is now used to charge EVs as an alternative to electrically produced power. Power grids use oil to generate power, that is not the cleanest part of the process. Developing better processes with zero energy will curb the negative effects.

Aside from solar, there is wind power, wave generated power and geothermal power as renewable sources with less carbon footprint. But, the auto industry has settled for electricity as the next best thing to fossil fuels.

 Methane to the cheaper and plentiful alternative

 Another very renewable source of fuel for cars is methane gas, that is produced from organic matter in nature. This beneficial gas has many uses other than powering cars, including as a renewable power source for the homestead instead of exotic sources. By far, this is the most accessible and no-cost source of energy in nature, there is an abundance of it,

  Bottom line

 It is a long way from the way car-use is viewed and getting more pro-active more than ever before. The key to saving the environment is responsible car-use and true sustainability or spend more resources correcting the problems. 

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