Stop Wasting Your Coffee Grounds: McDonalds, Ford are Now Working to Convert It into Organic Car Parts

Dec 05, 2019 05:33 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Do Not Waste Your Coffee Grounds, It Is a Car in the Making!
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Someday coffee grounds and chaff will be in our cars. Two think tanks are working to make them car components, they are Ford and McDonald's.

The efforts of the green revolution to promote sustainability and fewer carbon emissions are bearing fruit, this is a victory for all the tree-huggers all over the world. Before those coffee grounds go into the dumpster or any DIY, think about this. Those coffee grounds can be used for car parts, that are more sustainable than current production. Based on how cars are produced from the ground up, to the fuel to run it. We are raising a lot of carbon footprint that is very harmful to nature.

To help the environment, companies like Ford are assembling new technologies to create earth-friendly cars that are not spoiling the environment as it is done now. But, for this ambitious goal, it starts with car components. Imagine parts that are part spent coffee grounds, not metal or other material mined from the ground. Such a grandiose idea is part of the new thinking of how cars are made. Next time you drink that coffee cup, it might just end up in your vehicles.

Hard to believe that coffee chaff is the new resource that will produce our cars, or Ford electric cars that is. The other guy in this eco-venture is none other than McDonald's, with the big -yellow "M" for motoring. Let's face it, all that spent coffee chaff ends up everywhere and is a waste product at best. For the most part, all the spent coffee chaff takes space until it rots away. But, inspiration and need for less waste have devised a way to combine both coffee chaff and plastic for car materials. 

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The combined resources of the fast-food company and the automaker are disruptive trends that promise to shake the car industry. As of late, so many of the anti-trends are ripping through the auto industry like blockchain, self-driving, and C2X.

For a long time, automakers were dependent on steel, and other materials to make a car with an excessive carbon footprint. Because these fiberglass and other space-age materials are used, but now more common left-over organics are the focus of renewable and greener material.

 First, these coffee-based materials were compared to the current materials in use, for a motor vehicle. The result from mixing coffee and plastic was lighter by far, and heat resistance is better too. The best part is the way it was shaped and molded with less energy expense. As a whole, these results are encouraging as viable alternatives for the car industry. More issues will come up but for the most part, there will be less wasted coffee chaffs.

The planned use of the coffee-based alternative material will go to the headlight housing of cars. Then other components will be made with the material later on. Though hints that are under the hood will be made of it when developed. These are all speculation that will have forthcoming news and developments. From here on, that coffee cup with coffee grounds might just be your next car.

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