Second-Hand Electric Cars Are Better to Get Than Gas-Powered Cars For These Reasons

Dec 12, 2019 07:27 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Second-Hand Electric Cars Are Better to Get Than Gas-Powered Cars Here Are the Benefits
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Think twice when buying a pre-owned car, do a thorough research, get a second-hand electric car that is a better option and with benefits too. Gas-powered cars might not be a wise choice with all these reasons.

Before you buy a second-hand car, why not go for second-hand electric cars instead? For all its worth, getting a pre-owned or new car, which uses gasoline or diesel are not the cleanest cars to get. Electric cars are the obvious option and help keep the battery pack from ending up in a landfill too.

Old gasoline cars, especially that are not in their prime are good but have certain problems. For electric cars it is the same thing, gas-powered cars have more problems that can be a money pit. Same goes for electric cars, though most are newer technology that has less dependence on fluids. Pre-owned gas cars need to be checked and reconditioned, it can be very complicated and expensive too.

As combustion engine cars get older, they emit more carbon emissions compared to greener second-owner electric cars. There will be more repairs when restoring old gas, to be less poisonous o the environment. Electric cars may just need to have batteries checked and less mechanicals to worry about. If a second-owner EV is chosen, it will be cheaper than a new one, so less is spent.

 Here are the benefits one can get from buying a second-hand electric vehicle. There are more advantages with it than a gas-powered car, and let us begin.

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1. The cost is more pocket-friendly compared to a new EV or gas-powered car.

Buying a new car, whether an electric or not will cost a bit, but second-owner will be less. The only expense is how much the pre-owned is sold, and older gas-powered are money pits in the making. Getting second-hand EV might be better for some.

 2. Less is spent to maintain it compared to a gas-powered car. Though initial expense will be more cost-effective in the long run. 

One of the problems of older gas cars is the repairs to restore it to running condition. But, EVs have less mechanical parts to worry about. The most serious concern is the EV battery, also Tesla is improving the quality of present power cells to last longer.

3. Paying for home charging equipment or at the charging pod is far less than gas or diesel fuel.

 For now, the cost of fuel in the US is manageable, but when it goes up, owners of SUVS will have a problem. Pick second-owner EV and there will no more fuel costs, that can go other expenses.

 4. One full charge is 150 or almost 200 miles for ordinary EVs, but for high-end Teslas, it is 250 miles up!

A fully charged EV has enough power for up to 200 miles or more for a full charge, that is enough to go around a city or suburb. More charging pods that offer free or paid charging will give EVs more convenient use, without fear of going below 20%. 

 5. Compared to older cars, it has no emissions, all the carbon debt is indirectly produced by the process of making an EV and its fuel. EVs basically are clean cars, compared to ICE vehicles.

Choose an EV as your second-owner, you will drive without emissions and produce less overall carbon emissions indirectly. Gas power cars are dirty cars that spew noxious gases, especially diesel despite improvements to lessen them.

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