Electric Vehicle Chargers Will be Getting Faster with Updated Charging Technologies

Nov 26, 2019 11:01 AM EST | Staff Reporter

1Electric Vehicle Chargers Will be Getting Faster with Updated Charging technologies
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Developing electric vehicle charging technology is a race to get the fastest charge in no time at all. This will solve the current problems faced by EVs today.
The quest for clean and zero energy is what the electric vehicle industry wants to achieve to be totally clean and green cars. With more EVs expected to be sold, there is a catch which is the electric vehicle chargers in use. Yes, more charging grid are going up all around, but how about the charging technology?

Another concern is the regulations for the manufacture and use of EVs. Despite all the new EVs coming out, there are fewer technologies for charging to get updated and a boost. Some problems with batteries can be mitigated by fast charging tech, especially in the winter.

Now, here are game-changers that will improve topping up an EV in less time. Already some are deployed, and others are in the experimental stage. It seems that EVs are bound to be easier to charge than ever before. In some cases, charging is done in less than an hour, with an 80% charge reached! Commercial application of the devices is sure to pump up EV car sales when available. Here are the technologies that will improve this aspect of EVs.

1. Robots do the charging without human assistance
Development of robotic arms to do charging autonomously is under development right now. Companies like Tesla, Kuka, and Aiways are in a race to sell this idea and get gains from it. Some players are eying that EV charging is part of the home energy grid, not just a car. Whether it takes off or not, we will know.

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2. High tech fast chargers for high-speed charging.
Fast charging is now the focus of EV players which is the holy grail when achieved. It takes time to fully charge an EV battery, with Tesla super-chargers filling up to 80% in just 30 minutes flat. Everyone is touting that they will achieve the goal, the high voltage and heat from fast charging needs technical innovation a bit more.

3. Solar based charging equipment.

 The recent California fires that saw EVs dead in the water, no power on the grid was available. Solar charging equipment helped to ease the power drought, prompting many EV owners to assess the viability or current charging grids. Solar chargers are now in the spotlight, something that Tesla is reckoning with.

4. Wireless based EV charging on the go.
Charging on the go with special devices on the under chassis that allow charging on the spot. This was first tried in Oslo Norway for its electric cabs to charge faster. This will be useful for smart cars to power up on their own. Truly the best game change when the infrastructure and technology is in place.

5. Two-way or Bi-directional charging equipment for EVs.

 This technology exists with the start-up Sonos that has this installed in their mini-EVs. It can charge other cars and power up the home grip as well. Firms are keen to use this a part of the vehicle to grid transfer scheme (V2X). 


 If these advance electric vehicles chargers are in place, expect EVs to be more usable in the future. Till then everyone has to wait for them to be fully available.

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