Watch Out! Volkswagen is Upping the Ante by Installing Charging Stations at 600 Tesco Stores for Free

Dec 11, 2019 05:44 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Watch out Volkswagen upping the ante by installing charging stations at 600 Tesco stores for free
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Carmaker Volkswagen is providing 600 Tescos in Britain with free charging stations, that will be a good reason to purchase an EV. Targeting more growth so VW can make EV owing easier with charging points at supermarkets.

Electric Vehicles in Great Britain are in for a treat because automotive giant Volkswagen will be providing free charging stations at Tesco stores. Best of all, this is not a limited roll-out, but 600 stores will have these installation as a boost to EV owners needing a quick top-up. Other charging networks involve a fee to use, but VW went farther by announcing that charging with them is at no cost to the EV user.

Volkswagen is starting the rolling out these installation benefit EVs with better charging opportunities and without the expense. More than often, topping up is needed to keep the cruising range normal. The car giant is in the business of selling EVs, so providing free charging does work to their advantage. It is helpful to get topping up done while shopping. By the time shopping is done, there will be more than enough charge already. All the electricity used to top up the EVs are all renewable and sustainable resources, nothing wasteful is used.

One of the reasons why there is free charging and charging stations, looked into the habits of Britons showed that most spent 50 minutes in the supermarket each week. Each charge would gain 22.5-miles per visit to the supermarket. Track everything to a total of a whole year, with 1,170 miles that is the distance from London to Rome. Each visit that topped up the battery give more cruising range top EVs, this is an advantage for the Volkswagen EVs sold there.

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Rise in the sales of EVs in Britain are noted and have reached 125% for 2019, that means more need for charging facilities. Especially when there is a chance to top up for free, like during grocery shopping. There is a profit to be made when 2,000 have considered owning or leasing an EV in the future. Tapping into this segment of buyers will benefit Volkswagen very much for more growth.

For companies like Volkswagen, investing in electric vehicle charging station as a joint with Tesco is an advantage to get before rivals do. Other than making EVs, investing in support structures that have free charging. Will encourage more to get an electric vehicle as the next car.

One of the Volkswagen cars that should be very accessible is the ID.3, which is the people's EV. Partnering with Tesco and Pod Point is aimed at giving more flexible charging options. Those who decide on getting an ID.3 will have all they need, especially easy access to charging stations anytime. No more worries about getting critical level anymore, all because charging is accessible.

Providing all the 600 Tescos with charging stations is just the start, with this comes owning EVS wit flexible opportunities for charging too. As Volkswagen gets up to speed, expect more EV sales to rise. Getting more charging stations is critical for encouraging more EV use. Teaming up with other business to earn from another aspect of the EV industry.

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