Tesla Model 3 Production Model Spied! Company Notes Model 3 Is NOT Their Flagship Electric Vehicle

Apr 09, 2017 02:00 AM EDT | Andrew Davis

Tesla Model 3 has been spotted testing out on public roads alongside the BMW 3 Series, its biggest competition to date. Apparently, the highly anticipated full-electric vehicle that is supposed to make or break the brand isn't wearing any camouflage. The production model is out there in the wild, flaunting its exterior and some of its interior.

Following months of begin tight-lipped, or with a few clues here and there, the Model 3's production version seems to be taking shape. Well, this shouldn't come as a surprise as the EV should go into production in 3 months.

Exterior. Apparently, the Tesla Model 3 has retained Tesla's EV styling, although the front end looks slightly a bit different compared with the Model S. Since Elon Musk earlier promised that the EV's nose and trunk will be slightly tweaked, the sort of pseudo-grille built into the car's face is evident of this, despite the car not actually having a grille.

Also, the spotted production version of the Model 3 definitely has more of a sort of crease than the "traditional" look. By far, this has to be one of the best-looking EV from Tesla.

Interior. Inside, it was pretty much minimalist, as it was hard to make out any details other than the promised massive screen. The interior was meant to be simple, serene, and calm, without much of the distraction.

The gauge cluster is missing, much like that of the test mule. Instead, all essential controls and the EV's infotainment system are all jam-packed into the mounted center screen.

Power. Now, this is still a bit of a mystery as the company has not released official numbers as of this writing. But if speculations were correct, the minimum range for the Tesla Model 3 would be 215 miles. But higher trim levels could go as high as 300 miles. Plus, an AWD "D" variant could also be offered, which could be the "Ludicrous" driving mode.

But the Model 3 is not the Tesla's flagship vehicle. According to the company's recently published blog, even though the Model 3 will be theirs newest and latest electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S will remain as the company's flagship EV. Tesla would still prefer customers to buy the higher-end vehicles such as the Model S or the Model X, which are highly profitable.

All in all, the production model of the Tesla Model 3 caught dead testing it out in public roads looks pretty much like the other Tesla and its concept version. Starting price for the Model 3 is around $35,000 inclusive of a 215-mile range, making this one of the most affordable EV in the market alongside the Chevy Bolt.

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