The Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers - This Is How The Season Will Start

Apr 05, 2017 04:53 PM EDT | Ileen Jasmine

The Walking Dead Season 7 finale is finally over. The show ended with a bang when Alexandria, the Hilltop and The Kingdom unite to fight the Saviours and the Heapsters.

With the seventh season of AMC's hit TV show over, it means the whole cast and crew can start filming season 8. According to lead actor Andrew Lincoln (he plays Rick Grimes on the show) the opening for the eighth season will be as epic as the finale.  

In an interview with, Lincoln talked about the season opener. He said:

"I know, you know, that we are going to have to come and bring one of the greatest episodes we've ever attempted, and we're going to start the season with it. And, it will be the hundredth episode, which is one of the greatest. I never thought when we started this thing seven years ago - eight years ago it will be when we air. And, I never thought that we would get to, you know - I was very happy with one season. I was very happy with the pilot. Let alone, a hundred episodes, a hundred hours more because of the extended episodes. It's a huge milestone and, you know, it will be a big deal because there's a lot of the crew and a few of the cast left that have trudged all of those hard and sweaty and bloody miles together. So, it's a huge achievement and I know I'm sure, Scott Gimple, four years ago, had it planned that we would be starting a full-scale war on the hundredth episode. I like to think he's that much of a boy scout: always prepared."

Obviously, The Walking Dead season eight will begin with the continuation of the "All Out War" story arc. For those who have read the comic series, it will be a thrilling experience to see some of the most iconic moments from the books to the TV screen.

As mentioned by Andrew Lincoln, season 8 episode 1 will be the show's 100th episode. This is a huge milestone for the show, and it truly deserves a celebration.

Some fans are hoping for a 2-hour season premiere to make up for all the time spent on character building on season 7. On the other hand, some fans are alright with the normal time allotted to the show, as long as it will be filled with action.

For those who have not read the comic series yet, expect The Walking Dead Season 8 to be filled with tons of gun fire, explosions, and deaths. Important character deaths will also be inevitable on the upcoming season. It will be war, after all.

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