Everything Fans Need To Know About The Latest No Man's Sky Update.

Mar 15, 2017 06:59 AM EDT | Ileen Jasmine

Hello Games recently released the latest No Man's Sky Update. The update brings a new major feature to the game.

Hello Games released the No Man's Sky update for both PS4 and PC Players. This includes some new upgrades to the Pathfinder expansion which was launched recently.

According to reports, Patch 1.22 will also include some major changes and fixes all based on player feedback. It certainly is good news that the developer is listening to fans' feedbacks.

The changes are also set to expand on the current vehicle capabilities which are currently available in the game. Sure, the Pathfinder Update did provide new vehicles to use for exploring, PS4 Pro support, visual improvements, and base-sharing, it had one drawback.

The drawback only allowed players to craft the new Exocraft Geobays on their home planet. With the latest No Man's Sky update, this has been changed for the good.

That is right, the new No Man's Sky Exocraft Geobays can now be crafted on any planet. It is an exciting new feature which lets players summon vehicles anywhere.

The No Man's Sky 1.22 update is mostly focused on fixing problems that are associated with the new vehicles. However, that is not all this update has to offer.

There are a few more things that have been fixed and improved in No Man's Sky. The full Hello Games patch notes read: Exocraft Geobays can now be crafted on any planet - this means any vehicle can be summoned anywhere now be crafted on any planet - this means vehicles can be summoned anywhere (whereas previously, vehicles could only be summoned on your home planet).

Additionally, it also says HUD markers have been added to allow you to easily navigate back to an Exocraft Geobay. The update also fixed a bug that caused vehicle weapons and mining lasers not to drain charge, fixed an issue which could cause the Starship cockpit to vanish when exiting, fixed some freighter door texture issues and fixed a rare crash when scanning from a vehicle.

The latest No Man's Sky update also fixed a rare crash when feeding creatures, fixed an issue which caused weapons to miss-fire when using Plasma Launcher and during warp the quick menu now hides properly as intended.

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