Tesla Model X Transition To 2170 Cell By The End of The Year

Mar 20, 2017 07:50 AM EDT | Ileen Jasmine

Following Tesla's funding announcement late last week, the American automaker held an investor-only conference call. As of the moment, this "secret" call is not out in public yet.

However, some information from the call has been leaked. A previous report by Auto World News contained some of the details regarding the call.

This report will focus on the Tesla Model X and the part of the said call which relates to the 2170 battery cell. On March 16, a Reddit user on the Tesla Subreddit revealed that Elon Musk and other company officials were holding a conference call with the investors.

As previously mentioned, Tesla did not announce the call on its Investors Relations page, nor did the company provide a transcript of the call to its fans. Hence, making the call a secret.

The so-called "secret call" raised some questions for the fans, especially those who have already invested their money in the company. Reddit user ElectricMusk provided some information about the call. Electric Musk is believed to be affiliated with the raise and was part of the conference.

The call heavily focused on the Tesla Model 3. However, Musk also briefly and indistinctly talked about the Tesla Model X transition to the 2170 battery cells battery packs "by the end of the year."

The Tesla Model X will not be the only vehicle from the company to make this transition. According to reports, the Model S will be making changes as well.

Tesla's 2170 lithium ion cells are currently manufactured at Giga factory 1. The battery is used in its commercial and home energy storage systems.

The 2170 lithium ion cells will also be used in the upcoming mass market release of the Tesla Model 3 release. For more updates on Tesla, keep checking back on Auto World News. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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