Volkswagen Sedric: Future of Self-Driving Cars

Mar 10, 2017 04:20 AM EST | Hannah Jill


Volkswagen has finally featured a new concept vehicle called Sedric, its very first in autonomous driving. The name itself stands for "self-driving car" and it was introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show on the 6th of March 2017.

This first concept from Volkswagen Group will be a "cross-brand ideas platform" for their future projection and strategy for creating autonomous cars. It is fully automatic and is considered a level 5 in automation. The car model does not carry the usual pedals or steering wheel and can run on a push of a button. It will shuttle its passengers to their chosen destination, which is similar to a human-operated service Uber. It will also have artificial intelligence.

Fortune mentioned that the button is linked to a universal mobility ID, which allows users to switch on their own personal identification. The exterior is a "subtly wedged shaped" that looks like a portable cassette boom box players of the 80's. The inside looks to be like a vintage lounge with a bright yellow seat and wood grain panel that can even a spot to grow potted plants.

Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Muller mentioned that the Volkswagen cars in the coming years will carry some of the elements and functions found in this car. Since the Volkswagen Sedric is just a concept car. it looks like we won't be seeing this car in production in the coming months.

Also, Pocket-Lint reported that Volkswagen said that Sedric can be a "friend and companion" type family car, which make car analyst think if they are planning to put a built-in artificial intelligence, just like Toyota's Concept vehicles with the "Yui" AI. They had suggested that car enthusiasts should expect these features in Sedric to show in its production-ready cars in the coming years.

Volkswagen has adopted their so-called 2025 strategy, which aims to restructure the company's core automotive business to focus more on electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology. Spectators are hoping they consider the mass production of the Volkswagen Sedric.


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