Elon Musk Big Dreams In Triad: Tesla Model 3, SpaceX And Now, A Boring Company

Mar 08, 2017 03:56 AM EST | Gi Gi


Elon Musk, amidst the most-recent ambitious project Tesla Model 3 and SpaceX space tourism venture, is eyeing a project that seeks to alleviate the Los Angeles gridlock situation. The billionaire has recently announced his yet another high-scale endeavor on social media.

What has begun as what it seems to be just a comment on the LA traffic scene; he has been posting on Twitter the details about the upcoming "The Boring Company." Musk envisions digging tunnels for commuters like him to avoid the busy boulevards and congested freeways in the famous city by using an underground network.

The 45-year-old tech billionaire is famous for other ventures in the automobile and space exploration industries. Recently, Tesla, which he is the Chief Executive Officer of, has announced the production of a premium EV, named Model 3. In addition, SpaceX that started in 2002 has been working on sending tourists to space, specifically, the moon.

Regarding these projects, Musk has enjoyed both successes at the same time has not escaped scrutiny and skepticism. While Tesla Model 3 may aim to produce efficient electric vehicles, Forbes has written the issues that may arise for the inexperience of the company in mass producing cars of this kind. Accordingly, with the reach of the space projects taken on by SpaceX like successful Falcon 9 and its variety Falcon Heavy, the price is not the biggest issue rather it is the soundness of what Musk promises to pull through that earns some cringes.

As if his plate is not yet quite full at the moment, Musk's Boring Company and its aim of building an underground transportation network have just launched into a serious undertaking. Like his current projects, nods to this project come with scrutinizing eyes, too. USA Today notes the tedious and probably controversial process of even just getting permission for the project.

Even with all the possibility of a huge amount of work and "battles" ahead, Musk is as determined to see this through. His well-publicized zealousness in his visions is well-known and doubted. Nevertheless, for someone who obviously has the means and the drive to push through massive projects, Musk shuts down non-believers by penning "I am actually going to do this." on Twitter last December. The Boring Company is another endeavor Musk will be keeping people in the loop about, that's for certain.

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