Zerotech Dobby And Hover Camera Passport Face-Off: DJI Mavic Pro Has Two Tough Competitors According To Experts

Mar 07, 2017 04:10 AM EST | Paul Urban

Drones are definitely dominating the scene for capturing moments in all given circumstance, situation, and angles. In response to this, here comes Zerotech Dobby and Hover Camera Passport as two of the best selfie/pocket drones in the market and are both compared neck-and-neck. Experts have weighed in their opinions and made a decision for which is the best in delivering the best selfie ever.

According to Drone Inner, Zerotech Dobby first came in the picture back in May 2016 and now, competition is way tougher because of a new entrant, the Hover Camera Passport. The battle begins with the all-important camera. Zerotech Dobby and Hover Camera Passport both have 13-megapixels and are capable for 4K video. Both are able to stream video via WiFi to a smartphone.

Zerotech Dobby's speed is at 40kph, however, Hover Camera Passport can only fly at 27kph. Speed is of the essence especially for action shots like capturing moments during a cycling event or winning a marathon by crossing the finish line first. In this aspect, Zerotech Dobby is more than capable of delivering as it is significantly faster.

Zerotech Dobby is equipped with GPS called GLONASS dual satellite navigation system. This ensures its accurate hovering when winds reach 28kph. Unfortunately, Hover Camera Passport doesn't come with a system which supports hovering assistance for accuracy.

As added by RC Drone Arena, Zerotech Dobby is also smaller in volume, thus staying true to it being called as pocket drone even if it is 3mm thicker than the Passport. The Passport's folded dimensions are 182 x 132 x 33mm. Both are definitely portable and pocket-sized and the 3mm additional thickness is not even a problem by most users.

Zerotech Dobby also flies longer than the Hover Camera Passport as it promises to for 10 minutes. Hover Camera Passport flies a minute shorter than the Dobby. This is because of Dobby's bigger battery of 1360mAh compared to Passport's 970mAh.

For the all important price range, Zerotech Dobby is cheaper and more affordable as it retails for $349 while the Passport costs $549. Given all these considerations, Dobby is the clear winner as it bested the Passport in different categories. However, the Hover Camera Passport is a great pocket drone to have as well and is best for first-time drone flyers. Both drones are sure to continue doing well in the market as selfies are taken to a whole new level now.

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